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  1. Mini Torque Forum Announcements
    Christmas Sale - There's no excuses not to have some MT love in your life MT Stickers from 50p!! Plus lots more... Helping hobos everywhere!
  2. MINI Photobooth
    There seem to be quite a few budding photographers on here; some professional, some enjoy it as a hobby. I thought it'd be a good idea to set up a thread purely as a list of some of the best photoshoot locations so that people can find some good ones if they fancy a little drive or meet-up...
  3. The Projects
    just thought i would put up some pics of my cooper. The spec so far is aero kit 18'' team dynamics alloys kw coil overs piper x induction kit halo sidelights clear rear lights srtut brace (home made) modified battery box lid (because of my strut brace) Lohen side stripes sparco stone guards...
1-3 of 68 Results