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  1. Interior
    Hi all, hoping for a bit of advice... my 2004 R53 has a 2 spoke steering wheel for some reason... I know this was at the time of change so I’m hoping to cha he it to the three spoke version... is this possible? Will the airbag off the three spoke use the same connections? Think they may be green...
  2. R53 General
    Does anybody know how easy it is to fit the multi-function steering wheel? Is the loom for column control already attached in the standard 3 spoke wheel or would I have to buy the loom separate? Any help is appreciated
  3. Interior
    Does anyone know if its possible to swap the airbag unit from a standard 3-spoke steering wheel into the 3 spoke JCW steering wheel? I bought a JCW wheel on ebay but it does not come with the airbag unit. I'm thinking I could take the unit from my existing standard 3-spoke wheel and just swap it...
1-3 of 120 Results