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  1. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    What are the maximum tyre specs that can be fit in the 17" CrownSpoke rims of a 2008 MiniCooperS?
  2. R53 General
    Hey all. Got the resonator delete done on my Works today and can highly recommend it! The over pop is more noticeable and frequent, def something I'm loving and thought I would share. Nick,,
  3. MINI Parts Wanted
    Hi all We have a severely buckled 'S' Spoke 17" wheel and I am looking for a replacement... Would ideally be looking for 1 S spoke rim in excellent condition, OR a set of 4 alternative wheels - We love R56 JCW wheels, as well as the R90's I beleive they are called... If you have any sets...
1-3 of 145 Results