1. Build threads thread

    The Lounge
    Cant find them all by myself, and i'm fed up at work. Post up links with a small description to any good build thread you have seen I'll start: 2011 Wallace Performance TA Build! - Mitsubishi Lancer Register Forum AMS Shop TIME ATTACK EVO X build Thread! - Page 2 - COBB...
  2. MINI Power Steering Pump Failure? Yes or No

    Faults & Fixes
    Have you had to replace your MINI power steering pump during ownership on either your current or previous MINI's. Please vote Yes or No on the above poll.
  3. The Tyre Recommendation Thread

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    If you have bought a set of tyres for your 2nd Gen MINI that you liked, and you would like to recommend that tyre to other Mini Torque members, then post up here and tell us all about it :). It doesn't matter if it's a runflat tyre or a regular tyre ;), only that you liked them. Just say what...