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  1. R56 General
    Just replacing the temp sensor today and hit an issue when refitting the green clip, no I haven't lost it but magnetic wands are very useful!! The sensor doesn't sit deep enough down when the rubber washer is fitted meaning the clip won't sit over the top of the sensor and the sensor just comes...
  2. MiniTorque Threads
    2003 Mini Cooper S R53 122.000 miles I bought a neglected mini and the first thing I did? I installed a 15% pulley. This accelerated the deterioration process. 1. A few months ago I was driving on the motorway and BOOM my mini sounds like a tractor. ...After reconditioning the supercharger...
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    Quick Question, Is the Mini R56 JCW lambda Sensor a size M18 ??
  4. Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, Been noticing my radiator fan being on basically all the time and also when getting in the car the auto climate control witll strat blowing even when the car is cold as though it thinks the car is always hot. Done a code read and found 2F22 - Engine Temperature Signal not plausible...
  5. Faults & Fixes
    I think this thread could be beneficial for some and especially for me. Here is what is happening with my car. Over the last 2-3 months, randomly my car has gone into limp mode with the reduced engine power light coming on in the rev counter. I have noticed that this has happened only when the...
1-5 of 150 Results