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  1. MINI Parts For Sale
    Selling the OEM seats from my 2006 R53 Mini Cooper S. These are the full leather seats, which appear to be harder to find on online marketplaces. The passenger seat is in great condition, the driver's seat is in good condition. Please note: The driver's seat rachet (heigh adjustment) is...
    £100 GBP
  2. MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi, After a decent pair of front seats for an R53. Ideally something that's low down to sit Don't mind a Corsa VXR Seats on R53 rails. Or something similar in R53 rails. Missed one on eBay for £330. Also a friend bought a JCW sparco here this week for £600, as I thought they might be too...
  3. Interior
    Hi Has anyone attempted to fit these VXR Recaros in a R53? I have just bought a set and I’m looking for advice on fitting them!
  4. MINI Parts For Sale
    £1300 taken out of my 2009 mini jcw. condition is good, a few marks where you get in and out on the outsides of the seat. ( looking for 2 part leather front to replace )
  5. Interior
    Hey all. I'm looking for a set of new front seats for an R53. The criteria: Must be adjustable (These are for street use) Preferably an easy bolt-in, but I'm OK getting my hands dirty if someone has any really nice products that require some mods. Preferably be leather/leatherette. Basically, I...
  6. Interior
    I've been on the lookout for an R53 recently, but decided I need to keep me R50 for a maybe 6 months or a year, until I can possibly get an R56 S cheap enough, as well as insurance. This means I have 6 months to a year to do some more mods! I've been thinking about seats, I came across a...
1-6 of 314 Results