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  1. Interior
    Hi Has anyone attempted to fit these VXR Recaros in a R53? I have just bought a set and I’m looking for advice on fitting them!
  2. MINI Parts For Sale
    £1300 taken out of my 2009 mini jcw. condition is good, a few marks where you get in and out on the outsides of the seat. ( looking for 2 part leather front to replace )
  3. Interior
    Hey all. I'm looking for a set of new front seats for an R53. The criteria: Must be adjustable (These are for street use) Preferably an easy bolt-in, but I'm OK getting my hands dirty if someone has any really nice products that require some mods. Preferably be leather/leatherette. Basically, I...
  4. Interior
    I've been on the lookout for an R53 recently, but decided I need to keep me R50 for a maybe 6 months or a year, until I can possibly get an R56 S cheap enough, as well as insurance. This means I have 6 months to a year to do some more mods! I've been thinking about seats, I came across a...
1-4 of 312 Results