1. Selling coopers spokes?

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Looking a second hand set of cooper s spokes. 17" If any of you guys are selling some hit me up with pics and prices. Will need shipped to northern Ireland. Obviously this will be taken into account when discussing money lol Hopefully someone can help me out
  2. Trim detailer?

    What trim detailer are people using on their mini's, ive used megs gold class trim detailer which was really good but quite sticky even after buffing in and now use believe it or not megs endurance tyre gel which works amazing but straight away the trim just seems to attract road dirt/dust...
  3. Fitting Chrome Interior Trim to 2nd Gen MINI

    How To Guides
    How To Install Chrome Trim Dash On R56 MINI, nice guide with pics here:- (see pdf download below)