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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Good evening mini people Im doing some work on my facelift R53 at the weekend which involves removing the crankshaft pulley -Which willl probably be getting replaced aswell- Ive got pretty much everything else prepped but am a little confused about the bolts i need ; mainly confused about what...
  2. Exterior
    Just doing the rear wiper delete and the rear wiper is stuck onto the motor bad. I've wd40 the hell out of it and left it as others did this but still no. Any suggestions ?
  3. How To Guides
    Ok if your like me and your MINI has one of these gear knobs, you'll probably want to change it because it is huge. Mine also had some of the chrome missing from the outer ring so was starting to cut into my hand when changing gear. So I purchased myself a brand new John Cooper Works...
  4. The Projects
    Finally got round to getting a project thread for my car, here's the starting spec: Stock Sept 2003 Cooper S 37,800 miles. - Black II with white roof, mirror caps, bonnet stripes and white S-Spokes. - Runflats :thumbdown: - Front Spots - Body coloured front grille slats + Boot handle -...
1-4 of 77 Results