1. Oil 5w30 or 5w40

    MINI Chat
    Hi guys, Don't know if this is in the right section but I'm going to go ahead anyways! Just need a bit of advice my mini jcw going for its stage 2 manic map next week! Before it does I'm going to give it an oil change and change my tensioner (N14) but do i stick to the normal 5w30 or is it...
  2. Revo SPS Serial Port Switch Manic - Switchable Mapping OBD Port Device

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hello All, Completely forgot I had this but after a recent house move I found it again in a draw with all my Mini stuff in. I purchased this around 18 months ago from Lohen for £200 and the device was only used once in my ownership which can be reflected in its perfect condition. The Device...
  3. Next upgrade: Engine internals? Remap?

    R53 General
    Hey guys, I've got a few things done over the past year: Milltek non-res 17% pulley Stealth CAI Airtec TMIC Now looking towards the next performance upgrades: remaps, injectors, cam, etc. I've done some reading, but my knowledge isn't great. I get the feeling a remap would provide the...
  4. What remap

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi I am a new mini owner a though it's a dirty diesel, 2009 Cooper. I want more power but I have been told ecu needs removing etc but they are unsure until they see it? Does anyone know if this is true or if they need to as I don't want to waste there or my time. I live in Poole so anywhere...
  5. Newbie remap help!

    MiniTorque Threads
    Hey people, Looking for remap advice. Have 2002 mcs. Recently had 17% pulley, airtech inter cooler and orange stealth intake. Car already has a more free flowing (I think cat back) exhaust system I want a remap just to get the most of the mods and get it running smoothly. Will I need...
  6. 240BHP R53 Cooper S £2650 ONO

    MINI For Sale
    240BHP R53 Cooper S 2300 I have for sale my electric blue cooper s ready to be driven away Standard Info: -Electric blue r53 -2keys -101k miles -double panoramic sun roof -climate control -6k standard HID head lights -4x aftermarket full beam driving lamps -radio control steering wheel...
  7. Electric blue r53 240bhp

    MINI For Sale
    Electric blue r53 240bhp £2600 close
  8. Mini Cooper D 112 (bmw) tuning?

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2011 "Dooper" of which I am looking for a bit more poke out of. I have contacted ages local tuning companies but they mostly specialise in VW's 😒 so I am hoping for a little advice of what power I can take it up to and what mods I would need. I have read a thread...
  9. So, i've went a bit crazy..

    MINI Chat
    Few updates on my MCS.. Before: Decat AEM CAI 207BHP - 222lb-Ft Torque with a missfire and a busted thermostat.. Now: Decat AEM CAI Full unresonated Challenge exhaust system Stage 1+ Remap from eTune Not had it dyno'd yet so don't know the figures! Here's some videos: Mini Cooper a with...
  10. Getting my JCW Reampped by evolve on monday

    MINI Chat
    Saved up the pennies, and I'm going to see the evolve guys, i've only heard good things about them, and the dude Imran is a top bloke. Will get some videos of timings / accelerations for before and after, im shit at editing videos though, but they'll be on youtube within the near future, keep...
  11. About to start trikkin' out my JCW

    MINI Chat
    Had a jcw for about a month now... FUAAARRRRRRRKKKK, its a good car. After speaking to some helpful members on here, I've decided that I'm gonna get an ITG filter for it, along with an Evolve Remap! So that should be done by the end of this month, so after that ill take the go pro out, make some...
  12. mcs' project

    The Projects
    Well, after some thinking and a few mods I've started modifying my '06 JCW R53. Big mods started some weeks ago when I ordered the 4-2-1 with 100 cells cat to Mini Motorsport UK. I also got the 225hp remap soon to fit a camshaft. Hope to get after that around 235-240hp. Dry battery's been...
  13. Common faults - R56, issues ?

    Faults & Fixes
    I thought I started a thread on the reliability of the R56 but cannot find it (mod feel free to merge if you do find it) - basically I was wanting an update from you guys who have been running them for a few years now or who have bought older cars... In short: How are they coping ? What...
  14. Suprising amount of want...

    R56 General
    Not that I was looking but stumbled accross this: MINI Cherished - MINI details Yes its stock spec with wheel gap and OEM rims but... I think that looks pretty mean !! :thumbup: Make it lower, take it for a remap and I would be happy rocking it... not too bad a price and spec really...
  15. Health Check

    R53 General
    Had my Cooper S now for around 2 months & ive read up on having it health checked prior to any serious performance modifications. its a R53 52 plate Cooper S with only 36k on the clock so if all is well she should be able to take a custom remap and a new SC pulley ? What should i do firstly...
  16. evolve tuned R56 S in BMW MINI Trophy series - Japan

    MINI Motorsport
    Have just received news from our Japanese dealer that a car running our software came 2nd at the Fuji Speedway track in BMW MINI Trophy series run by ETCC - Japan. Engine wise the car is running: evolve ECU remap Akrapovic Downpipe with Sport Cat Forge FMIC Exhaust Intake I will get more...
  17. Mini Cooper D with evolve ecu remap

    R56 Tried and Tested
    Just thought I'd post up the results of a remap which we carried out for a forum member yesterday. I am sure he will post up his before and after V Box times soon. Gains are 30 BHP and 60-70 Ft/lbs Torque. Flywheel Power Power at the Wheels