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  1. Interior
    Hi Has anyone attempted to fit these VXR Recaros in a R53? I have just bought a set and I’m looking for advice on fitting them!
  2. The Projects
    Hi All :hurray: Welcome to my 2008 Astro Black JCW. Car list so far: Fiesta Zetec S mk6 (first car <3 ) bmw e36 (for 10days) mk2 mx5 (6months of being too tall) bmw e87 123d (auto diesel, never used it) I have always fancied a mini, but had multiple bad experiences with test drives (mainly...
  3. Interior
    Hey all. I'm looking for a set of new front seats for an R53. The criteria: Must be adjustable (These are for street use) Preferably an easy bolt-in, but I'm OK getting my hands dirty if someone has any really nice products that require some mods. Preferably be leather/leatherette. Basically, I...
1-3 of 45 Results