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  1. Faults & Fixes
    EDIT: Im sorry this was so long, manageable chunks would have been better. ive been sat here for 3 days now and its driven me loopy 😂😪😭 Thankyou all so much for your help, im pretty sure of what needs to be done now, i am going to bash out everything at the weekend: shes on 80,000 miles now so...
  2. The Projects
    Chaps / Chapesses So I've had an R50 and an R53 in the past few years (the latter I unfortunately killed) and after 18 months or so of driving an E39 I've got bored, so a couple of weeks ago I picked up a Dark Silver facelift JCW as a bit of a project/learning exercise. It's on 105k and in...
1-2 of 14 Results