1. alarm / electrical problems pls help !

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I’m hoping someone with mini expertise can help me. My current issue at hand is the following: My car alarm randomly goes off and when this happens my key fob becomes unresponsive. Once I’ve used the actual key to get in my car, no electrics work at all, even with the key fob back in the...
  2. Hi, i’m ben an R56 Cooper S owner with a few issues

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi All, i’m ben, 31 from newcastle and currently own an R56 2007 Cooper S. Having a few issues with it at the moment but hoping to get it resolved soon as. I have what has been diagnosed as the replacement of “Valve stem seals” the issue is most garages won’t do the job. And the advice from...
  3. Mini Cooper d 2008 power loss help!!

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys. I was wondering if I could get any help. I bought a Mini Cooper d 2008 in January and a few months later it has an issue where it loses power when above 70mph on the dual carriage way, most commonly going up a incline. I have taken it to the garage under warranty 5 times now and about...
  4. Non-Carpet Wheel Arch Liners for MINI R56

    Hi MT, I HATE factory-fitted Carpet Wheel Arch Liners :mad:. They hold on to all the dirt, the catch the road-debris, the are a b*tch to clean and they look nasty. I am wondering if there is such thing as an "after-market" wheel arch liner that is made from the more common hard plastic...
  5. JCW Backbox for Cooper S R56

    Engine & Drivetrain
    After looking around at exhaust options to get a bit more noise(Not bothered about performance upgrades) I think I’ve decided I want to got for a JCW Backbox. It seems like quite a few people on here have already done this or know somebody that has. Any thoughts or first hand experiences and...
  6. R56 airbag resistors

    MINI Chat
    Hi, is I have an aftermarket steering wheel and a sabelt aftermarket seat in my r56 I have bought some 3.9 ohm resistors. The don't suppose anyone can help me in how to install these with maybe some pictures on where to put the leads of the resistors into? I'm awful when it comes to electrics ...
  7. N18B16 Engine

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Wondering if anyone is selling a N18B16 engine for a 2010 Mini Cooper S, bare or complete doesnt really matter
  8. Armster Armrest for the Mini R56

    I wanted to get an armrest for my r56, but the standard ones were silly money. The cheap aftermarket ones don't look too well built, so I went for an Armster 2 one instead. More info: However as its a universal...
  9. Induction Kit Recommendations...

    MINI Chat
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some advice as to which Induction Kit to go for on my R56 Cooper S (N18). I'm actually struggling to find any Induction Kit other than the AEM Kit with under-bonnet scoop but it's a bit steep at over £350.00! :scared: Any suggestions? Anyone selling any in good...
  10. A quick note to say hello.

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hello everyone. I've been kicking around on and off with Mini’s and BMW’s for a while, but finally taken the next step to post a note to say hello - I don't spend a lot of time around computers. Currently running an R56 after a couple of R53's and numerous DERV BMW's. Looks like a...
  11. R56 Coilovers WANTED

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Afternoon all. My brother has recently purchased an R56 and is after some Coilovers (any spec), holla what you got please. Thanks
  12. New Member of 2010 R56 Cooper S LCI - Surrey

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi Everyone, I'm Elliot, new owner of a beautiful 2010 R56 Cooper S in Midnight Black with Red Roof/Mirror Caps. Only had the car a few days, absolutely loving it :drool: Currently compiling a list of modifications/customisations that I want to carry out - I welcome any...
  13. LSD - do I have it or not -2007 MCS R56

    MINI Chat
    Would you Mini-lovers kindly offer some insight? I pulled my engine and trans (of course) to freshen the little guy up after 90K of wear and tear. I looked at my sales document and sure enough I ordered the car new with an LSD. But does it really have an LSD? I wasn't sure as the car drives...
  14. Advice needed for FORGE MOTORSPORT BOV 2010 R56

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, So I've bought a kit second hand and of course it's missing a part. The part it's missing is the boost gauge adapter, this sits under the MAP sensor and has a vacuum pipe to a nipple on the solenoid. My question is, do I need this if I don't have a boost gauge? I want to get this on...
  15. Brake kit, BBK, Mini R56 (and compatibles), PB Brakes, front and rear, new

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hello Mini-Fans, my Mini has gone before the fun has not even started. That is why I have this big brake kit left. It is a complete set for front and rear axle, built by PB Brakes. Dimensions: Front: 6 pot caliper with 330x32 mm disc Rear: 4 pot caliper with 330x28 mm disc The pads are the...
  16. HELP! Super annoying mechanical whine

    Faults & Fixes
    OK, I need help or I'll go crazy if this is not fixed :mads: Some people do not hear it, MINI dealer is telling me it's OK and this is a normal operating sound but this f**king whining noise is driving me crazy! I remember driving a brand new R56 and the whine was definitely not there. Even...
  17. Turbo question

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys. I have a question about turbo wastegate. Is there supposed to be any free play in wastegate arm?
  18. kate from dublin

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi everybody! :) I have owned my r56 cooper s for 9 months now and still fall in love with it more and more each day. I viewed many before spotting this one down in cork and left the next day to view it, placed a deposit and brought her home the following weekend. at time of purchase, the...
  19. R56 2010 Mini Cooper S for sale

    R56 General
    R56 2010 Mini Cooper S Backbox for sale 2010 R56 MCS Exhaust backbox for sale. Good working order only removed due to upgrade to JCW system. £100 local pickup from Hythe, Kent or you arrange a courier for pickup and delivery Thanks
  20. R56 N18 JCW - IC and so on

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of pushing a bit but since I'm kinda new on this field I want, if possible, your input in some questions. Intercooler - Airtec V2 or Wagner Competition? Which one and why? Intake - I was thinking about ITG/K&N filter but many of you use a full KIT from AEM (CAI)...