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  1. Hi everyone

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. Just bought my second mini, had to sell my r53 cooper s due to pram/baby issues!! Mrs has her car sorted so I've went and picked up a 2009 plate r56 cooper s. It's done 42k and had 3 previous owners. Looking for some advice as to what to look out for/address...
  2. HELP - Late R53 or early R56??

    R56 General
    As title says. Looking to replace my R50 in the near future with an S. Unsure whether to go for a late, low mileage R53 or an early (56, 07) R56. I won't be carrying out a great deal of mods, preformance wise, just a few. Probably looking for 190-200bhp. Any suggestions and advice would be...