1. R53 Cruise Control not working

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I've not been able to find a thread with the same symptoms as me. When you press the power button for the cruise control, the green light on the rev counter comes on and stays on fine, no flashing like i have seen others have had. It comes on and stays on but when it comes to set it...
  2. Reverse Light Switch

    Faults & Fixes
    Morning all, reverse light has shat its pants. Replaced the bulb, no luck, had a look here and it appears it should be the reverse switch. Read that you can take the airbox out and see it through that gap, so off it came and the ecu etc, only for me to find the gap is about as wide and tall as...
  3. R53 chrome speedo/tacho trim

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Hey, I'm going for a full chrome finish on my bezels but I'm having trouble finding a dual speedo/tacho for a reasonable price. Do you guys have any recommendations or are you selling/trading yourselves? As it's excluded in all kits I've come across, the few I've found are sold for prices that...
  4. R53, MASIVE LEAK, Main Seal? Diagnosis Help

    R53 General
    Hello Minitorque members. I'm confused about the nature/source of my oil leak, the leak seams to be coming from everywhere. : C At first I thought it might be coming from the oil pan; I changed the oil pan gasket yet the leak persisted. I then decided to change the valve cover gasket; If...
  5. Is it safe to run a 15% pulley reduction on a 100% stock R53?

    R53 General
    Greetings MINI owners I own a 100% stock, 1st gen, 2004 (pre-facelift), R53 MINI (No Teflon on the super charger screw, hence 163HP) I just ordered a pulley with a 15% reduction from Craven Speed and want to know what the draw backs are from swapping the OEM pulley for the smaller 15% reduction...
  6. Sluggish at WOT

    Engine & Drivetrain
    About 2 weeks ago my r53 started to feel really sluggish at WOT. I checked the codes and I have a P0108 for high pressure in the intake manifold and a P0420 code for the catalytic converter. The previous owner had the catalytic converter replaced by the dealership when I bought the car at...
  7. Gearbox/ clutch problem

    R53 General
    Bought a 53 plate cooper s with 113k miles. Drove really well on the test drive so decided to take it. 40 miles down the road I went to change gear and the clutch stayed down for a couple seconds. The car now acts as though the clutch is pressed in even though it isn't and the pedal feels fine...
  8. R53 SWAPPED R50

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi, I’m at the last phase of swapping the r50 with a r53. I’m stuck with the wiring in the pics. Does anyone know what they’re for or can show me the diagrams - as the previously automatic r50 has more wires.TIA!
  9. Pre-Facelift car keys knackered

    R53 General
    Hi guys, Only have the 1 car key from when purchased and the buttons have just knackered on it, car no longer responds (changed battery and still won't work) so think I need to order a new one and get it programmed. I'm based in Surrey, does anyone know of anywhere that offers a good price on...
  10. Coolant leak around radiator

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi guys, Relatively new here, just purchased an R53 a couple months ago and had to overhaul the coolant system, new expansion tank, thermostat and radiator. I did notice late last night that there's a small amount of coolant trickling down the back plastic section of the new radiator, and on...
  11. Powercut/missfire on first gear

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, having an issue with my R53 where it has developed an issue on first gear where it feels like it is cutting power and does not want to accelerate for a split second, comes back to normal, cuts again ect.. however it reaches only 3500/4000 rpms and it start running on what it feels like...
  12. R53 - JCW 380 injectors - Does it need remap

    Tuning Discussion
    I have an R53 JCS - 2003, with uprated intercooler, Itg air filter, Denso irridium ik22 plugs, Kavs 17% reduced pulley and Bluefin stage 2 map. I am looking at fitting some 380cc JCW injectors, currently has stock JCS 340cc injectors fitted, will these be ok without any other sort of map.

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Hello All, Hunting for a pair of genuine Dark Silver mirror covers for a UK right hand drive R53. Ideally looking for a mint pair with no damage with all clips in tact. cash ready to go! Cheers

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Hello All, On the hunt for R53 genuine carbon parts for a UK right hand drive example : JCW carbon gear knob JCW carbon handbrake lever JCW carbon mirror covers (pair) Also looking for carbon fibre bonnet scoop and number plate light cover, and any other genuine carbon parts.... Will...
  15. Mini R53 Electric Blue

    Mini R53 Electric Blue

  16. R53 engine to body connector

    MiniTorque Threads
    Hi all, Newbie here trying to get an ‘04 Cooper S engine to run in an ‘05 Cooper convertible. The hardware took 3 days to bolt in but I’m running into issues with the round connector near the tranny mount. Can anyone please share a pinout of this? Although the colors match the car’s connector...
  17. New addition to the Minitorque community from Blighty

    New to Mini Torque?
    Good morning one and all! Matt here from the hole referred to as Britain. Please, I am nothing to do with our politicians, so I can't help there. I have recently acquired a 2006 R53 Cooper S JCW! White with go-faster stripes up the bonnet! I don't think the stripes work though as it's not too...
  18. ‘05 R53 Mini S

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hey, I’m new to the Mini Torque community and I was hoping you guys could help me out since I am also new to owning a 2005 Mini Cooper S. I really do love this car and I have wanted to work on it for a while but I really do not know where to start and to be honest I need to learn. I’m hoping...
  19. Anybody got some AP/ST Coilovers for sale for a r53 Cooper S?

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi All, I am currently on the hunt for some coilovers for my 2005 Cooper S
  20. GP intercooler

    MINI Chat
    Whats an r53 GP intercooler worth these days and where could I get one??:confused1: