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  1. R53 General
    Greetings Mini-Torque'rs I've compiled a list of part numbers that compares the "R53 JCW Brakes" vs. "The R56 Cooper S Brakes". Question: The R53's JCW "Caliper carrier" (Item 2 in diagram) is the same part number for the left and right brakes as opposed to the R56's "Caliper Carriers" which...
  2. MINI Parts Wanted
    I'm after a JCW head with JCW Cam Cover with tuning plaque if possible, A lower mileage one would be great, I have seen one on Ebay that has been on there for a whie, but there is no evidence saying it has come off a running car, condition ETC :thumbup1:
  3. R53 General
    Hi all, new to Minitorque and looking for so advice and my new project. I have recnently purchased a late 2004 BRG R53 which I plan to spec up to JCW spec Aero kit etc. If anyone one can give me some pointers on where I can purchase parts (other than eBay!) it will be greatly appreciated. Stu
  4. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi, New to minitorque and the mini scene in general. I've been lurking over the new threads for the past couple of days so I thought I'd chuck mine up as well for some ideas. Bought it in June 16 on 70k miles, full service history, it was a pretty good deal and i was out in the market for a...
  5. The Projects
    Chaps / Chapesses So I've had an R50 and an R53 in the past few years (the latter I unfortunately killed) and after 18 months or so of driving an E39 I've got bored, so a couple of weeks ago I picked up a Dark Silver facelift JCW as a bit of a project/learning exercise. It's on 105k and in...
  6. MINI For Sale
    Performance JCW engine and brake upgrade fitted 2006 (£4675) GTT induction kit (made it a bit faster to rev and added a few more horses) Miltek manifold and sport cat fitted to JCW exhaust (sounds great) Re-map to 222 Hp (from 208hp) to make best use of inductions/manifold changes Uprated...
1-6 of 7 Results