1. MiniTorque Threads
    I originally wanted to get an R53, but I fear for my first Mini this would be too expensive to run when I'm only going to be earning £100 a week. So for now I have decided to start the search for an R50. Anyone in the Leicestershire area who has a R50 (facelift) for sale please text me on...
  2. MINI Parts Wanted
    As title says, looking for R53 bumpers and skirts. I'd also be interested in Aero bumpers and skirts. Particularly the front bumper and skirts. My car is Pure Silver, ideally looking for something that wouldn't need respraying although I'd consider other colours if the price was good enougha dn...
  3. MINI For Sale
    This is my 2005 05 plate (facelift) Pure Silver/Black roof MINI One, 71000 miles. The car came out the factory looking exactly like a Cooper with Cooper bumpers w/ chrome inserts, 16" Cooper 5 spoke wheels, 'Cooper' on boot and door entry sills. Huge spec including heated seats, air con, fog...
  4. The Projects
    Passed my driving test last week after only 10 days of learning, so totally new to the mini scene! Got the mini back in September and it was a pretty standard cooper, no mods etc. Had a few bits and bobs fitted, Full Aero Kit BK 18" with 205/40/18 Anti-lag exhaust from a subaru (long story...
  5. New to Mini Torque?
    Hey guys / gals, New to MT - great website & forum - proved really helpful already! Just bought a R50 (51 plate cooper?) for the missis for christmas - despite doing all the checks that are all over sites like these - think theres a problem with either the BC1 or the loom :crying: Guess...
  6. Engine & Drivetrain
    Quick questions, anyonw know the pitch of the cylinder head bolts and the length of the cam sproket bolt? Cheers, Michael
  7. The Projects
    RaffaIsOnFire: R53 Cooper S Facelift powered by krumm! hi there, my name is Raffa and i'm from Germany! some of you may recognize me from motoring-underground or the german MINI-boards. decided to join you guys to keep an eye on the scene in GB! here are my MINIs! sold my R50 Cooper (...
  8. MINI Chat
    Guys, does anyone have a Haynes manual for the first gen MINIs? There's a few things i'd like to ask :)
  9. Exterior
    Hi Guys First post so please be nice :D I've got a 06 Cooper (R50) but I have a small dilema. I've bought a set of genuine and complete Mini xenon headlights (The facelift ones with projectors): I've followed the instructions given by "Scraggles" in this the below thread but my xenon low...
  10. How To Guides
    As above: I have an R50 with a standard bumper. Bought the lower grille pre-modified to fit straight in Cheers guys
  11. Engine & Drivetrain
    For all those of you who spend time and money for your N/A R50, i have good news. The stock R50 injectors are very small, at 178cc/[email protected] bar (Bosch part number 0280155991). Anything more than a full exhaust system and intake, like a camshaft, will take them to 100% duty cycle at high rpm if...
  12. R53 Tried and Tested
    R50 Camshaft testing - stock vs Piper vs NS1 Hi guys, as you can see from the title this is about a few tests i did on my R50. Thought it would be interesting to share with you. At first, i have to explain a few things about the performance tests i chose, and the meaning of them. The...
  13. MINI Parts For Sale
  14. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Where to pick up these? Any brand worth holding out for? Cheers
  15. MINI Parts For Sale
    For sale: R50 Throttle body, professionally enlarged to 57mm. £160 (cost £371) Collection from Hook, Hampshire or I can arrange postage at cost.
  16. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi... I'm seriously thinking of changing my BMC CDA CAI... :closedeyes: Not that im unhappy with it... its really great, in my opinion it's the best CAI for Mini One\Cooper. The problem is that when i pop the hood, anyone(and i mean police), suspects that i have a tuned car and they would...
  17. How To Guides
  18. How To Guides
    I replaced all the 205/45/17 Pirelli Runflat tyres on my MINI with Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 215/40/17 non runflats (same overall diameter). Pros: much smoother ride, less tramlining and far better grip and handling than the runflats with their stiff sidewalls. Cons: You need to fit a space-saver...