1. Mini Cooper R50 Cooling Fan Query

    MINI Chat
    Hello. I have a 2002 Cooper - the radiator fan has packed up and I've purchased a new resistor as mine was rotten - The problem is that the wiring is slightly different to the original (I have a spare blue wire). My car has a two plug set up - a large plug and a small plug with thin wires. Being...
  2. First time Mini owner - HI!!!!

    The Projects
    Hi everyone! I've just purchased my first Mini, a 2005 Mini Cooper R50 with chilli pack. I saw this car and completely fell in love and had bought it within 48 hours of dropping my old car off for a service and seeing it at the garage next door. I'm looking for a few ideas of what to do with it...
  3. 03 R50 Newb.

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi Guys, Names David. I'm a new R50 Coop owner. Had a little browse of the various mini forums and came to the conclusion most of the people on here know what they're talking about, at least compared to Mini2. Wanted a Mini all my life and finally I plumped for a 2003 R50 that had somehow, in...
  4. R53/ R50 Hardrace rear camber arms and front arm spacers

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Bought a few months ago for my Mini but never fitted them as couldn't decide what coilovers to buy at the time, unfortunately the engine has decided to blow itself up again and I now need to raise some funds to fix the engine. I want what I paid for them ideally, which was £210. Delivery is free...
  5. Hello! R50, need advice and open to ideas :)

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi people I have a one D in black and plan is to mainly dechrome get some matte bronze wheels. Has anyone ever had a front bumper sprayed from primer or have a rough quote?? the aero front will look much better Thanks :thumbup:
  6. British Racing Green R50 Daily Build

    The Projects
    Hi Guys! So after reading hundreds of build threads on here I thought that it was time to create my own! There aren't many R50's on here, which is a shame, but the ones that are done on here (along with the R53's) are bloody lush. Enough waffling on let's talk about the car! Below is my Mini...
  7. Brake Callipers

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    So today I had my callipers painted ?? They look smoking hot! Thought I'd show them off! (Sorry about the disgustingly dirty wheels I'm not allowed to wash it until tomorrow in order for my paint to dry on the bumper repair I had on Friday.)
  8. Corbeau Club Sports, Harness's and OMP steering wheel help!

    Hi All, First of all I'm looking to purchase some Corbeau Clubsport seats for my R50. Has anybody fitted these? if so were they easy to fit? and do the base of the seats need drilling or welding? I dont mind if they do but I would rather speak to someone about it before I purchase. Secondly -...
  9. Mini Cooper R50 Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust FOR SALE £200 O.N.O

    LHello, Up for sale is my Playmini Cat-Back Exhaust system which came off my 2006 Mini Cooper. The exhaust is in excellent condition, it was on the vehicle for less than 1000 miles and was just starting to get the run in properly, meaning the sound produced by the system was rather special. The...
  10. First Gen Harmon Kardon Amp

    My Harmon Kardon Amp died and I'm wondering if the prices on these are good or if they can easily be found for lower. Its very difficult to drive everyday without music... when you're a musician! MINI Harmon Kardon Amp | eBay
  11. My Project R50. From Hong Kong

    The Projects
    Hello everyone. I am an owner of cooper R50 from Hong Kong. I would like to share my happiness and some experience of modding my R50. :D This is the stock form when I buy it in 2010. Current status is :) More information about the modifications is coming :biggrin: justa cooper R50s...
  12. Delusions of Grandeur - My Black R50!

    The Projects
  13. Fitment! low et

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Will 16" 8j et20 fit mini r50 2005? Lool I know it will be out the arch a bit ? Show wheel alignment pictures of different et's if possible
  14. What Spoiler is this?

    Hi im looking to find out the name of this spoiler? so i can try source one. Theres so many variants of spoilers but i know this is the one i want. Anyone help me out?
  15. HELP! or suggestions

    MINI Chat
    Hi mini lovers I have just joined this forum, and seeking for advice. My front bumper doesn't line up properly (a bigger gap between the bonnets arch and bumpers arch), any suggestions of how to fix this? it is bugging the hell out of me mini one r50 2005, What is the best way to access the...
  16. R50 Cooper spoiler

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Anyone got one? Looking for something really cheap to shove on. Not looking for an S spoiler or an Aero spoiler. Only a One/Cooper spoiler. Black.
  17. Milltek R50 backbox for £90 - worth it?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I've agreed a deal with a guy for an R50 Milltek backbox for £90. Is this worth it? I am going to collect today but unsure if it's worth it. I haven't had a lot of experience with exhausts. Does just the backbox make a big difference? I have a Socrpion cat back at the minute and just...
  18. Tracking/Camber

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    So I went to the garage to get my wheel alignment sorted but he came back to me saying the camber on the front left was way out (He had a diagram of the angels) which would explain why it was pulling left. But he suggested something, either the strut and possibly the hub could be bent to send it...
  19. My R50 Adventure

    The Projects
    After loving MINIs for years, I was lucky enough to get a facelift Pure Silver 2005 R50 One 2 years ago for my 17th birthday. I never intended to modify the car at all, I wanted the car to look like it came out the factory. I slowly started changing my mind, changing a few little things like...
  20. Looking for my first Mini! :)

    MiniTorque Threads
    I originally wanted to get an R53, but I fear for my first Mini this would be too expensive to run when I'm only going to be earning £100 a week. So for now I have decided to start the search for an R50. Anyone in the Leicestershire area who has a R50 (facelift) for sale please text me on...