1. Can anyone do 2 really quick edits? PWETTY PWEASE

    I'm absolutely useless, I go way overboard and can't often get anything that works. If anyone can be arsed could you do a really quick edit of these photos for me? Pretty much a thing for each photo to make them look nicer. I'm wanting to get a couple of them framed so if I like the results...
  2. Too much engine oil.

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I've had a bit of an issue and am quite worried... I did an oil check the other week and there was no oil whatsoever on the dipstick (not too worried since I rarely drive the car), so I bought a 4 litre bottle of oil to fill it up. Being rather clumsy and with little thought I just poured the...
  3. Dave F Fitting

    R53 General
    Shall be fitting a Dave F this weekend (yes replacing the Alta:cursing:) Quick question, I take it I will have to refit the plastics engine bay/bulkhead divider, but will i have to cut a hole in it to provide direct flow into the back of the Dave F or does the OE hole do the job?
  4. cylinder head bolt pitch and cam sprocket bolt length

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Quick questions, anyonw know the pitch of the cylinder head bolts and the length of the cam sproket bolt? Cheers, Michael
  5. Anyone have a quick guide to fit aero grilles without taking off bumpers etc

    How To Guides
    As above: I have an R50 with a standard bumper. Bought the lower grille pre-modified to fit straight in Cheers guys
  6. Hammer Time

    The Projects
    Well a few months ago i got bored since i couldn't get much more done to the JCW without it either looking silly or venturing into the unknown.... then i went to the seaside & bought a shell It started out life as a 52 plate Cooper but since then it's misplaced it's engine.... it also needed...
  7. A weird horn noise when engine is rev'd

    Faults & Fixes
    Once my mcs is warm when u rev it or blip the throttle when ur stationary once the revs come down it makes a funny horn sort of noise can anyone help?
  8. I thought my car was not that quick until....

    MINI Chat
    Real world performance scenario. You are driving along at an unspecified speed when a 'superior' * car ahead boots it, you boot it too just to see the real world performance of your car. ** Example 1: BMW 335i - evenly matched from 30 - 70 (motorway) Example 2: Audi B5 S4 - previous generation...