1. Mini Cooper S Gen1 - Just starting up

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi all, I've had my MCS for about a year, but I'm now earning money and can start modifying. Everything is currently stock, except for a radio I fitted as the last one didn't work. I have a list of mods I'd like to perform over the next 12 months (bearing in mind I have no mechanical...
  2. Crank Pulley - ATI vs PRW? ADVICE PLEASE!

    R53 General
    Hi Guys, I need to replace my crank pulley and Ive decided to go for a dampened one. It seems there are two available options, the ATI Super Damper and the PRW SFI fluid damper. Can anyone give me some feedback or advice as to which they would recommend? Any experiences, good or bad? Ive also...
  3. From CP % to SC % --Equation??? HELP

    R53 General
    Hey Guys, do any of you know, and i mean actually know, not have heard or think they know…..if there is an equation one can use to calculate the % reduction on the supercharger, resulting from a % oversize of the crank pulley? Eg, what will a combination of a +2% crank pulley and a 15% sc...
  4. Bored? - Quick Cooper S R53 Video

    MINI Chat
    Just a quick video I did of the exhaust / supercharger wine and head mounted drive of my R53 recently. If you're bored and have a spare 5 mins check it out. Cheers! Watch in 480 or 720p as YouTube has done something really weird with the 1080p upload..
  5. How can you reduce wheel spin when you modify your Mini?

    R53 General
    Wheel spin! I have an R52 which I've just had remapped, in conjunction with a Milltek catback exhaust. I'm very pleased with the improvement in performanace and am planning on a reduced pulley etc..... HOWEVER..... I'm now spinning the wheels in 2nd & 3rd gears in the damp/wet conditions...
  6. DavidRodrigues Cooper S+

    The Projects
    From daily to track toy - PROJ3CT R53 Hi, my name is David and this is my MINI R53 :) First Track day PART LIST: Brakes: EBC Greenstuff Front Motul RBF 600 Goodridge Braided Hose Kit EBC Front Brake Discs Drilled and Grooved Engine: FMIC Airtec Alta Intercooler Couplers Alta Supercharger...
  7. Fatandre R53

    The Projects
    This is my Mini
  8. Water Pumps - Mechanical , Electrical - the pros and cons are

    MINI Chat
    Bit of a waffle from me but I need to tell the whole story so you get the picture . :lol: As some of you know I changed my water pump form the mechanical one driven by the small gears off the supercharger to a Davies Craig EWP80 and was happy at first Now at Cadwell Park in July 2010 I had an...
  9. Ballsac Blue Curbcrawler Waffle Toilet

    The Projects
    Hi all thought might as well start project thread as got bit carried away buying things for the car. So bought the car about a month ago with below mods on it: 15% Alta reduced pulley and belt JCW catback Kw Variant 1 Jcw aero kit M7 Induction kit pics of the car when i got it...
  10. Dave89's R53

    The Projects
    Finally got round to getting a project thread for my car, here's the starting spec: Stock Sept 2003 Cooper S 37,800 miles. - Black II with white roof, mirror caps, bonnet stripes and white S-Spokes. - Runflats :thumbdown: - Front Spots - Body coloured front grille slats + Boot handle -...
  11. Health Check

    R53 General
    Had my Cooper S now for around 2 months & ive read up on having it health checked prior to any serious performance modifications. its a R53 52 plate Cooper S with only 36k on the clock so if all is well she should be able to take a custom remap and a new SC pulley ? What should i do firstly...
  12. Pulley belt size - demystify

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Pulley belt size - demystify - Sheet ready All info and sheet on my last post So... I've made a quick search and found out that there is no general consensus in what regards belt sizes for different pulleys, and even for even sized pulleys. Well, this sure ain't rocket science and I think a...
  13. Mini Coooper S 2002-2009

    The Projects
    Hi, as you know I am really big MINI fanatic. I actually buy almost the first COOPER S here in Slovenia and I am proud owner still today. In this time almost 7 years the car get a few changes. Because I have very good opportunity to build a own pulley (my fathers company produce every year more...
  14. The MT Ultimate Exhaust Thread

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Exhaust - Stock Other Mods - Stock Exhaust - Borla Street Other Mods - 15% supercharger pulley reduction, Webb Motorsports Cold Air Intake Exhaust - Borla Race Other Mods - RMW head/header, flowmaster resonator, modified Borla Race, custom dual 3" exhaust Exhaust - Milltek...