1. Project R53 Pure Silver 2005 Mini Cooper S

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  2. Master Bate's Facelift daily hyper blue JCW - Soon to be tracked

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    Hi! Been meaning to do a project thread for a while now, not sure why I haven't. I've now decided that I had done enough to the car already to make a thread about it! So onto the car.. Bought in June 2016 from Romford for a semi-decent amount. I went for a mini as I liked the look of them...
  3. Supertech Pistons & rods

    Tuning Discussion
    Hey guys, Not a frequent poster on the forums but a frequent reader. Anyone had any experience on supertech pistons? I am interested for my JCW. Also thinking of 0.5mm oversize? Any thoughts appreciated. Car is running at 297bhp at the moment. Also a question is are there any rods that will...
  4. My R50 Adventure

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    After loving MINIs for years, I was lucky enough to get a facelift Pure Silver 2005 R50 One 2 years ago for my 17th birthday. I never intended to modify the car at all, I wanted the car to look like it came out the factory. I slowly started changing my mind, changing a few little things like...
  5. Project Drunken Master

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    This is my slowly evolving 2006 R53 JCW, a.k.a the alcohol problem, running on E85... ethanol, one of the oldest recreational drugs known, now at your local gas pump. :thumbup1: I bought the car from Germany in December 2012 and had already bought the first mod (cabrio braces) before the car...
  6. Project Thread Guide

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    Here is a quick guide to making an effective project thread for your car. We want to make it easier for people to read about your car, see how its evolved and what you have planned for it. 1) Thread title must be related to your car/personality, the use of silly words will be moderated. 2)...
  7. Ging's Thumbprinted Forehead Project.

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    I Thought it was about time i started a project thread, so hear are the details of how i ended up a mini owner and what i have been doing with it. After my girl friend learned to drive we decided it was time to get a half decent car, i'd have gone for something big with a big engine, but gf was...
  8. mcs' project

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    Well, after some thinking and a few mods I've started modifying my '06 JCW R53. Big mods started some weeks ago when I ordered the 4-2-1 with 100 cells cat to Mini Motorsport UK. I also got the 225hp remap soon to fit a camshaft. Hope to get after that around 235-240hp. Dry battery's been...
  9. My EB R53

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    My EB R53 - Cooper S Hello all. Ive been around the forum for a while but never stared my own project thread yet. This would be my R53, not as good looking as most of your mini's but i am getting there :thumbup1: Any ideas for the car?
  10. FOR SALE: 2 x R56 chrome headlamp rings (L/H & R/H)

    MINI Parts For Sale
    I have two R56 chrome headlamp rings for sale. Left and Right handed. Part numbers: 51-13-7-149-905 51-13-7-149-906 Ideal for a painting project or vinyl wrapping. These are used, but in great condition. £20 each from MINI, so I'm asking £25 posted for the pair. PayPal as a gift or the...
  11. All I wanted Were S Spokes & A Burger King.

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    This project was meant to be different from my half arsed attempts in the past. The saxo's and the r5gtt's that went before it always ran out of money and were sold on before I had a chance to finish them. I've almost hit a wall with this one already but the mods will continue coming as long as...
  12. Project Stealth One

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    I thought I'd start this thread to begin documenting the progress of my conversion from One to S. I've owned my car over 4 years now, and the time has come to up the ante and start making it in to the car I've always wanted. As most of you know, I've already yapped on about this long enough...
  13. Green Dragon or Kavs Motorsport (KMT) 002

    The Projects
    Hi boys, I actually more or less finished my Blue racer project (of course 300% maintance will still be included and also few changes in interior maybe) and after hard working every mile in this 120000 km long period (the engine is still without problems) and huh heh maybe 5000+ km on the track...
  14. Ballsac Blue Curbcrawler Waffle Toilet

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    Hi all thought might as well start project thread as got bit carried away buying things for the car. So bought the car about a month ago with below mods on it: 15% Alta reduced pulley and belt JCW catback Kw Variant 1 Jcw aero kit M7 Induction kit pics of the car when i got it...
  15. Matts - project (Keano's Protégées) Wheel Gap and Faffing Aplenty

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    right thought id start a new fresh thread as the last one was shit, due to a new jobb (manager in selfridges :)) i now catch the train to work and the CS sits on the drive all week waiting to been mullered on a week end, so with more money to spend on it and less reason to worry about it as a DD...
  16. Now this is a project

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    Photos to come soon! The project is a suprise, as i haven't seen anything similar on a R50 or R53 :)
  17. Martin's Green Machine

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    Thought I'd put up a picture or two of my car. It's a 2002 R53, with only 34,000 on the clock. Half leather, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, climate control, tape player! However there is a 6 disc changer in the boot, chilli pack. I'd say it's pretty well specced. Most...
  18. Project Rory *Picture heavy*

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    Right, thought it was about time that I drafted a 'project' thread and I properly wanted to introduce myself and my MCS to those of you who I haven't met yet! I can't actually comprehend the amount of money I've spent in the last 21 months of ownership... so maybe this will thread will help...
  19. in past was Chilli Red.. now Snow White Project

    MINI Photobooth
    12 March 2009 Getting Low..
  20. Mini Coooper S 2002-2009

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    Hi, as you know I am really big MINI fanatic. I actually buy almost the first COOPER S here in Slovenia and I am proud owner still today. In this time almost 7 years the car get a few changes. Because I have very good opportunity to build a own pulley (my fathers company produce every year more...