1. Next upgrade: Engine internals? Remap?

    R53 General
    Hey guys, I've got a few things done over the past year: Milltek non-res 17% pulley Stealth CAI Airtec TMIC Now looking towards the next performance upgrades: remaps, injectors, cam, etc. I've done some reading, but my knowledge isn't great. I get the feeling a remap would provide the...
  2. New to this in hope for answers

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hello fellas my name is Mike. I own a 2012 mini cooper R58 S with the I4 N18 engine. I'm planning to turn it into a Fast machine and I'm slowly but surely working on it. So far I have a M7 CAI, M7 discharge pipe, M7 Oil Catch can, Koala intake manifold spacer. Soon I will be putting a charge...
  3. From Colorado

    New to Mini Torque?
    It's Dan Raabe. I'm currently in Colorado, and love to find sport guys who really know about the fine points of Mini Coopers. Here if I want to find information it's tough. Not a lot of people have the desire to get the most out of their Mini Coopers. So I haven't seen too many that are better...
  4. Mini Cooper D 112 (bmw) tuning?

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2011 "Dooper" of which I am looking for a bit more poke out of. I have contacted ages local tuning companies but they mostly specialise in VW's ? so I am hoping for a little advice of what power I can take it up to and what mods I would need. I have read a thread...
  5. Port & Polish Intake and Exhaust Info's?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello Guys, I have a project in hands, a Mini Cooper S (R53) which has the purpose of Track/Mountain/Road use. There for we came across a small issue.. We have new valves, springs and cams to fit onto the new Cylinder Head but I don't know which figures/numbers I should go for the new...
  6. T-Stat !! get that maintance done, OR........

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Nice evening here in North Florida.. mid 70* ( 23-25C) and being a sat night, it was time for this OLD man to spank some Ricers.. and Mustangs!! Bottle is full.. Plugs are changed..fresh oil .. I am OFF to the 'engagements'! Getting to the place of the meeting, I am buzzing on the interstate...
  7. Schrick Camsaft

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Anyone want to buy my left over camshaft done around 28,000 miles £60 collect or post
  8. tweedbean's R53 MCS

    The Projects
    As project orange was completed, I have decided to start a new thread around my car showing where it started, what it looks like now and what my future plans are. This is less of a project and more of an ongoing thing. Its a 2004 facelift MINI Cooper S. I was bitten by the modding bug after a...
  9. my new improved project thread.

    The Projects
    Ad's project thread. Right thought id start a project thread (finally). so here is my car as i picked it up in sept 2010. It was compleatly standard with 54,000 miles chilli pack and full black leather interior with brushed dash and 3 spoke steering wheel, oh and shitty s-spokes and massive...
  10. Camshaft testing - stock vs Piper vs NS1

    R53 Tried and Tested
    R50 Camshaft testing - stock vs Piper vs NS1 Hi guys, as you can see from the title this is about a few tests i did on my R50. Thought it would be interesting to share with you. At first, i have to explain a few things about the performance tests i chose, and the meaning of them. The...
  11. Factory JCW 2009 Build and Tuning Guide/Input/Explained

    The Projects
    FACTORY JCW 2009 BUILD AND TUNING GUIDE / INPUT / EXPLAINED Hi to everyone reading this. Im making this thread or guide to show what I have done since I bought my car in april 2009. and then I will continue to the current build, that will resume in January 2011. Im using my archive photos...
  12. info about Lohen head with schrick enlarged exhaust & inlet valve

    Engine & Drivetrain
    hi,I'm italian ..what do you think about lohen performance head with schrick enlarged exhaust & inlet valve ?I want to know how much hp this lohen head increases rather than jcw head,and which is the different performance between rmw jesus head and lohen step2 head ?
  13. MT Racing Time Attack MINI 2011/2012

    Time Attack Discussion
    This is the update thread for next years cars... Following on from this years result in Time Attack we want to build a team that can compete with the very best FWD cars entering in 2011, there will be no bitching or moaning about competing against teams with bigger budgets or those that enter...
  14. Health Check

    R53 General
    Had my Cooper S now for around 2 months & ive read up on having it health checked prior to any serious performance modifications. its a R53 52 plate Cooper S with only 36k on the clock so if all is well she should be able to take a custom remap and a new SC pulley ? What should i do firstly...
  15. lightweight, performance batteries... thoughts and opinions please!

    Engine & Drivetrain
    i'm toying with buying a lightweight, performance battery, what are people's thoughts on them and are there any brands that people use/can recommend?! cheers guys!
  16. performance parts available

    MINI Parts For Sale
    stuff for sale, all excluding p & p, in banbury if you wish to collect stoptech front ss brake lines, new in bag for face lift r53 StopTech : Stainless Steel Brake Lines ....... sold open to offers on following bits, mainly posting for intrest at this stage..... facelift rear lights [still...
  17. Carbon Fibre Skinning/Wrapping

    MINI Chat
    Hi, I'm very interested in buying a kit and skinning some MINI bits. Has anyone had any experience with this? and wheres best to buy? The only place i have seen selling kits is Carbon Fiber Sheet and High Performance Carbon Fibre Products - Carbon Mods Thanks, Dean oh the bits im thinking...
  18. Track Day Guide

    Track days / Testing days
    Although modern cars are built to withstand stresses above those that they will experience on the road, standard production cars are not built with track work in mind. However, there are a few simple things you can do to help ensure the car will cope with the extra stresses and go home in the...