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  1. Exterior
    I was looking for some smoked side repeaters and decided to just experiment with some Plastidip I had left over from doing my headlight rings. I did a fairly thin coat so the orange still shines through, though just enough for the lenses to appear perfectly black. The pictures make the orange...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    I've had a bit of an issue and am quite worried... I did an oil check the other week and there was no oil whatsoever on the dipstick (not too worried since I rarely drive the car), so I bought a 4 litre bottle of oil to fill it up. Being rather clumsy and with little thought I just poured the...
  3. The Projects
    Hey Guys Been a member on here now for a wee while but have been a silent watcher to whats been goin on never started any treads or posted anything so felt why not now ! So start with the basic I am 18 years old and bought my MINI (MILY) in March of last year, first car after 2 years hard...
1-3 of 61 Results