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  1. MiniTorque Threads
    Hi folks, My first post here so please go easy on me. In December 2020 I bought my daughter a 2016 Mini One D. A couple of times now the yellow engine warning light has come on. When this light comes on, I take it to the garage and they note from the diagnostic tool that there are many fault...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello everyone and thanks for having me in the group. I’ve recently got a 2006 Mini One D 88hp, and it seems lovely. Last week when coming to UK from France, it drove impeccably for 350 miles, but for the last 50, which were very hilly, it changed from whizzing up massive hills in 6th at 130...
  3. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hey guys, thought id join up here because ive a few questions about lowering a mini, its an 06 one d. Going for coilovers and hoping to go as low as possible for daily use. Main question really is do ye reckon I could squeeze 17' 8.5j wheels with an offset of 35 under the rear arches with 225/40...
1-3 of 26 Results