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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    As far as i can tell there doesnt seem to be a proper solution out there , theres a guy selling poly filled mid hangers (The bump stop things for the mid pipe) but not the rear hangers which seem to be the real problem ? I can appreciate that completely filled rear hangers may defeat the point...
  2. MINI Chat
    Hi All, I’ve just got mself a mini Cooper a R56 and looking for some parts! If anyone has the following for sale let me know :) induction kit heat shield JCW back box ( I prefer the look ) many thanks.
  3. Tuning Discussion
    So I have just bought my 3rd r56 cooper S and this time i want to modify it. i have been offered a T25 tubular manifold and a big old turbo, What power is the standard engine safe to? Any insights at all is super appreciated.
  4. R53 General
    Had my Cooper S now for around 2 months & ive read up on having it health checked prior to any serious performance modifications. its a R53 52 plate Cooper S with only 36k on the clock so if all is well she should be able to take a custom remap and a new SC pulley ? What should i do firstly...
1-4 of 28 Results