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  1. New to Mini Torque?
    Hi Guys, Names David. I'm a new R50 Coop owner. Had a little browse of the various mini forums and came to the conclusion most of the people on here know what they're talking about, at least compared to Mini2. Wanted a Mini all my life and finally I plumped for a 2003 R50 that had somehow, in...
  2. MINI Chat
    I am back from my Hiatus with alot to show everyone and to continue this MINI Adventure. You will see more of me and the JCW in the coming months as I ramp up some EPIC road trips and long time modification finally gets it day. So back to normal service!!! Are you a MINI owner or MINIAC...
  3. The Projects
    Some new stickers are put on my mini cooper R50 from Hong Kong. Love it :lol:
  4. MINI Chat
    When i got my MCS 2007 Gen 2 I did a few regular maintenance operations new SP's new Oil, filter's etc. I also started using Super Unleaded fuel which i doubted the previous owner used. I think the MPG has improved, 400miles on a full tank with 150 of them being hard driven. Also my feeling is...
1-4 of 497 Results