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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    Does anyone have the facelift milltek hangers either for sale or trade with the pre facelift ones?
  2. MINI For Sale
    Delivery date in April 2006 one of the last R53 supercharged minis made. In the 5 years of ownership I have only covered 15k miles which makes the total 77k a low average for the age. Extensive file of MOTs, receipts and modifications I have had carried out. Modifications: • 15% Kav’s...
  3. Tuning Discussion
    Hi all, I've got a n14 2012 FJCW currently with a Non Resonated Milltek catback system on. I was just wondering which system would result in the best power return, the Milltek or the standard JCW system? Hoping to start looking towards a Manic stage 1 map in the near future so wanted to check I...
  4. MINI For Sale
    R53 Cooper S 2005 For Sale! REDUCED £2700 Need this gone as have put a deposit down for another car!
  5. Engine & Drivetrain
    I've agreed a deal with a guy for an R50 Milltek backbox for £90. Is this worth it? I am going to collect today but unsure if it's worth it. I haven't had a lot of experience with exhausts. Does just the backbox make a big difference? I have a Socrpion cat back at the minute and just...
  6. MINI Chat
    I hope you enjoy this video I took this weekend in wales. Let me know what you think :thumbup: Mini Cooper S Milltek exhaust, K&N air filter driving around Llyn Brianne Lake Wales spitting flames - YouTube
  7. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi, Been looking at the Milltek sports cat for the R56 cooper S. Has anyone got one? Improvements, gains, noise? I know someone selling one second hand, less than a year old/10k miles. I know they are near enough £500 new, what's a good/reasonable price? £250? But do they wear out, i.e...
  8. The Projects
    As project orange was completed, I have decided to start a new thread around my car showing where it started, what it looks like now and what my future plans are. This is less of a project and more of an ongoing thing. Its a 2004 facelift MINI Cooper S. I was bitten by the modding bug after a...
  9. The Projects
    In 2009 I bought a 52' plate Cooper S in Electric Blue with a white roof. During my ownership I added the full Aerokit, R112 alloys, EBC discs and pads and a Milltek catback exhaust. I sold it in June last year for personal reasons and ended up in a cheap diesel for a little while. My...
1-9 of 124 Results