1. UK Events & Meets Centre
    Drag and Drift Anyone attending from here?:thumbup1:
  2. UK Events & Meets Centre
    Hi guys so there's a biiig meet on in Wigan this Sunday and was wondering if anyone else is going? Wasn't a whole load of Mini's there last time even though there was over 1500 cars. Search on facebook 'Ultimate car cruise 2' for more info. Would be good to see some more Mini's down there.
  3. UK Events & Meets Centre
    Thread for North East meets.
  4. Historial meets
    This link is doing the rounds between car folk on Twitter directing to a request on a Subaru forum but all cars welcome and think it'd be great to get some minis along if anyone's local to help put a smile on this little guys face! losing my son please help - ScoobyNet Original post reads: hi...
  5. Time Attack Discussion
    This is the update thread for next years cars... Following on from this years result in Time Attack we want to build a team that can compete with the very best FWD cars entering in 2011, there will be no bitching or moaning about competing against teams with bigger budgets or those that enter...
  6. Track days / Testing days
    Although modern cars are built to withstand stresses above those that they will experience on the road, standard production cars are not built with track work in mind. However, there are a few simple things you can do to help ensure the car will cope with the extra stresses and go home in the...