1. Oil 5w30 or 5w40

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    Hi guys, Don't know if this is in the right section but I'm going to go ahead anyways! Just need a bit of advice my mini jcw going for its stage 2 manic map next week! Before it does I'm going to give it an oil change and change my tensioner (N14) but do i stick to the normal 5w30 or is it...
  2. Revo SPS Serial Port Switch Manic - Switchable Mapping OBD Port Device

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hello All, Completely forgot I had this but after a recent house move I found it again in a draw with all my Mini stuff in. I purchased this around 18 months ago from Lohen for £200 and the device was only used once in my ownership which can be reflected in its perfect condition. The Device...
  3. CJ's GP2 / New member

    The Projects
    Some of you know me from insta and Facebook etc however i've finally sorted my life out and joined MT.:thumbup1: Used to drive a 315 BHP Leon Cupra and loved it to bits, but it doesn't compare to the GP2. Never thought i'd own a Mini but hey ho, best car i've owned.. so far ;) . Had the car 7...