1. LSD - do I have it or not -2007 MCS R56

    MINI Chat
    Would you Mini-lovers kindly offer some insight? I pulled my engine and trans (of course) to freshen the little guy up after 90K of wear and tear. I looked at my sales document and sure enough I ordered the car new with an LSD. But does it really have an LSD? I wasn't sure as the car drives...
  2. Life with a Quaife LSD, need your opinion (also from the track enthusiasts plz)

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, I am currently changing my clutch and putting a quaife diff in my car, I was quite surprised by the words of warnings I got from the garage yesterday. They were telling me that : - track days were out of the question, that I would destroy my diff - I shouldn't put slick tires on - the...
  3. R53 Limited Slip Differential ??? John Cooper Works (54 plate)

    R53 General
    Hey guys, this is my first post and i apologize if this is long winded, but Please Help. Ive recently bought a 2004 (54) mini cooper s John Cooper Works, love the car and i tried fixing several issues with the car including a leaking drive shaft seal. After replacing the seal, we test drove...
  4. LSD... good or bad?

    R56 General
    Hi, seen many videos regarding the installation of the LSD (Limited Slip Differential) on different cars and of course our own R56S and id like an opinion over this mod. It looks like a helpfull mod of having an LSD but i have read and seen broadcastings that claim that having a LSD on bumpy...
  5. Fitting LSD and Spotlights to My Mini - Advice please!

    Tuning Discussion
    I've just purchased a 59 reg Mini Cooper and the handling is not as great as my old Cooper S and this is somewhat disappointing! My last Mini had a LSD fitted and of course this made loads of difference so I'm thinking of getting one fitted to my current mini. I live on the Wirral so would be...
  6. Tran-X Limited Slip Differential

    Tuning Discussion
    Hi All, I'm in a real bubble here and could use some help. So I bought a Tran-X LSD (Powered by Quaife) for my R58 JCW. Would not fit so I have spoken to my supplier and they have arranged for me to send it back to Quaife and they would send me their new re-designed model that should fit fine...
  7. Project Mini:RMR - Rotrex Mini (goal of 500+ bhp again)

    The Projects
    Well I think I'm at a point now where I can just about justify a project thread. I never ever anticipated to get into what I have, but hey ho :) I bought my JCW R53 not long ago (having had a MCS before) as a promotional car for my photography business. However, it became quickly apparent that...
  8. My Mini turning into a Major Adventure

    The Projects
    Right, thought it was about time to get a project thread up after being on here for over 2 years now. Purchased my "optioned up" Mini just over 2 years ago after having my beloved Clio 182 rear ended. That car was awesome as all I did was change the seats and away you went, no mods needed. I...