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  1. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hi guys, I'm not too mechanical and want to minimise question-hassle to my mechanics I've got an R53 with everything stock wheel/suspension-wise. I'd like to get smaller wheels (probably 16" - maybe 15") with chunkier (non-runflat) tyres. I want the car to be lowered as far as tyres allow and...
  2. R53 Tried and Tested
    Hi all, Apologies if it sounds naff bit I'm not sure and im struggling to find the answer I need. I'm getting coilovers, not springs, and need to know whether camber plates are necessary? Or will I be ok just fitting the coilovers as normal by replacing what's already on the car? I may track...
  3. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hey guys, thought id join up here because ive a few questions about lowering a mini, its an 06 one d. Going for coilovers and hoping to go as low as possible for daily use. Main question really is do ye reckon I could squeeze 17' 8.5j wheels with an offset of 35 under the rear arches with 225/40...
  4. Faults & Fixes
    Hi, After some advice please. Car has 64k on the clock, 02 plate. The problems started when lowering on Bilstien B14s a few months ago. Initially, the car was pretty low and the driveshaft wobble was awful. Since then I've had the suspension raised as high as it'll go, but i'm still noticing...
  5. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Hey, kinda new to MT so bear with me if this is a noob question! I've had a search but couldn't find any relevant results.. I'm looking to lower my 2003 Mini Cooper S on a budget (don't want to spend excessive amounts) so have decided on a budget coilover kit (FK AK Adjustable Coilovers). Is...
  6. The Projects
    My EB R53 - Cooper S Hello all. Ive been around the forum for a while but never stared my own project thread yet. This would be my R53, not as good looking as most of your mini's but i am getting there :thumbup1: Any ideas for the car?
1-6 of 122 Results