1. Lohen Dyno & Dinner Evening - Friday 18th November, 1026 from 3pm

    UK Events & Meets Centre
    Lohen Dyno and Dinner evening to be held on Friday 18th November, 2016. A chance to see those flames under the cover of darkness! Book online here >> 1. Date – Friday 18th November, 2016 from 3pm til 9pm 2. Price £40 for Dyno Runs – purchase online here or call the team on 01785 859999 3...
  2. Lohen Track Day - Bedford Autodrome, 25th June 2016

    Track days / Testing days
    Lohen will be attending and supporting MINI drivers at Bedford Autodrome's open pitlane track day on Saturday 25th June, 2016. We welcome all MINI enthusiasts to join us - get signed up early to benefit from the early bird price! If you're not up for running your car you can still come along to...
  3. Lohen Dyno Day & BBQ - Saturday 9th April, 2016

    UK Events & Meets Centre
    Roll up, roll up – it’s time for another fabulous Lohen Dyno Day and BBQ! If you’ve attended any of our previous days you’ll know it’s a great day out – plenty of MINI enthusiasts, banter and decent fodder! This day will draw a line in the sand and be used as the basis for the Lohen Dyno...
  4. CJ's GP2 / New member

    The Projects
    Some of you know me from insta and Facebook etc however i've finally sorted my life out and joined MT.:thumbup1: Used to drive a 315 BHP Leon Cupra and loved it to bits, but it doesn't compare to the GP2. Never thought i'd own a Mini but hey ho, best car i've owned.. so far ;) . Had the car 7...
  5. Lohen - R53 In-House Tuning. Released 28th March, 2013

    Trader Announcements
    Hi Guys and Girls, Just to make you aware Lohen will be releasing details of our in-house mapping, with information on the many extras we have improved on the standard ECU's for R53 Cooper S's. Information will be detailed in this thread on 28th March, 2013. Thanks for your patience - details...
  6. Hi ^^

    New to Mini Torque?
    Hi everyone! Im Ben, got myself a Mini Cooper S R53 in august last year, done a fair bit to it so far but still have big plans and lots to do! This is how it looked when i bought it: (sorry for rubbish pics) And heres how its currently looking: I will post up a proper build thread when i...
  7. NEW! at Lohen - AEM Intake for Gen2 Cooper S variants - £299!

    R56 Tried and Tested
    The AEM Cold Air Intake System will deliver cool air inlet temperatures due to the filter being located outside of the engine compartment. The air duct supplied mounts to the bonnet which makes the bonnet scoop functional after removing the plastic grill, this also helps take in the maximum...
  8. Factory JCW 2009 Build and Tuning Guide/Input/Explained

    The Projects
    FACTORY JCW 2009 BUILD AND TUNING GUIDE / INPUT / EXPLAINED Hi to everyone reading this. Im making this thread or guide to show what I have done since I bought my car in april 2009. and then I will continue to the current build, that will resume in January 2011. Im using my archive photos...
  9. info about Lohen head with schrick enlarged exhaust & inlet valve

    Engine & Drivetrain
    hi,I'm italian ..what do you think about lohen performance head with schrick enlarged exhaust & inlet valve ?I want to know how much hp this lohen head increases rather than jcw head,and which is the different performance between rmw jesus head and lohen step2 head ?