1. R56 Oil Pressure Light On and Off

    Engine & Drivetrain
    So I recently bought my MCS 2007 R56 (58k miles) 5 days back. Other than one day, the red oil pressure light appears (not straight after starting car, 5-15 mins after) and beeps then goes off and back on again repeatedly. Most often happens when car is idle or at a rate of 20/30 mph. Oil...
  2. Service Light?

    Faults & Fixes
    Hello everyone, This light came up on a JCW N18 R56 I have checked my service list and I have everything up to date until 10/2018. If I turn off the engine and then turn on again this error desappear. This yellow light came up like 5 times throught those last 5 days or so. Any ideia? Thanks
  3. Break Pad light *Urgent Help*

    Faults & Fixes
    Ive no doubt this has already been covered before, however i struggled to find a thread. The dash light came on for needing new break pads. Changed front pads and sensors because apparently they need replaced when changing pads. The warning light is still on. So thinking maybe i need to replace...
  4. Airbag light

    Faults & Fixes
    Has anyone here got this solved? Mine keeps coming on with the same fault every so often yet I've had the part checked - passenger side pretensioner. The light sometimes comes on after a bumpy road but other times completely at random. Some have said re-routing the wiring under the seats has...
  5. R53 Cooper S May 03 EML always coming on and nothing will connect to the OBD port

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello everyone. This is my first post on here, having read through some of the other posts I felt I needed to get mine on here, as I'm having trouble with a few things. I bought my Mini Cooper S, 03 plate August last year. It has only got 87,000 on the clock. The poor bugger keeps going into...
  6. R53 Aero front bumper fog light decal surrounds

    MINI Parts Wanted
    Not actually sure what they're called, but I'm looking for these decals, not the £40 odd BMW ones, I've seen cheap black decals instead of the proper inserts. These: Is this a look people like or not? I'm just thinking my bumper looks a little plain without them.
  7. OH DEAR! Big money repair :(

    Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone, so today I heard a very awful noise from the engine area of my car (facelift R50). It was a horrible rattle, which scared me. This was mid journey (10 minute journey) when it started and only seemed to be happening when above 2,000RPM. I pulled over to have a look under the bonnet...
  8. Dave89's R53

    The Projects
    Finally got round to getting a project thread for my car, here's the starting spec: Stock Sept 2003 Cooper S 37,800 miles. - Black II with white roof, mirror caps, bonnet stripes and white S-Spokes. - Runflats :thumbdown: - Front Spots - Body coloured front grille slats + Boot handle -...
  9. mevin my aero kitted cooper

    The Projects
    just thought i would put up some pics of my cooper. The spec so far is aero kit 18'' team dynamics alloys kw coil overs piper x induction kit halo sidelights clear rear lights srtut brace (home made) modified battery box lid (because of my strut brace) Lohen side stripes sparco stone guards...
  10. A year in the world of MT...

    New to Mini Torque?
    .... here are a selection of pictures showing what we like to get up to on our travels on planet MT, these will be updated throughout the week as I've got over a 1,000 images to go through. However, if you've got your own from MT events then add them to the thread so all newbies can see what...
  11. P0107 and ASC light on

    Faults & Fixes
    Hello, Just drove off very slowly from my parents and got a P0107 code (MAP/BARO) circuit low input. Why the hell is my ASC light on too? I presume this is the map sensor but is there anything else that it could be, I change the intercooler yesterday but have driven 50 miles, its all sealed...