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  1. Other Stuff
    Nardi Challenge with Black finish centre, two tone leather rim. It came on my MX5, it's in lovely and near perfect condition visually, except for a minor mark you can see on the grey section at around 7 o'clock on the wheel. It's near on perfect to the touch, the leather is not worn, the...
  2. MINI Parts For Sale
    Brilliant seats and pretty rare but I need to fund coils so they have to go. The drivers side seat is BRAND NEW and has never been put into a car yet. The passenger seat has been used and has a small scratch on the back which I've taken a picture of but is still in good condition. No wearing of...
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    I've got four 4x100 15" Mini hub cap wheels for sale all with 175/65 Michelin tyres with loads of tread left. I have covers too although some of them are a bit scratched. £125 I cannot tell you how useful it was to have a set of these when I had my Mini but just moving house and found them in...
  4. The Projects
    As project orange was completed, I have decided to start a new thread around my car showing where it started, what it looks like now and what my future plans are. This is less of a project and more of an ongoing thing. Its a 2004 facelift MINI Cooper S. I was bitten by the modding bug after a...
1-4 of 223 Results