1. supercharged conversion

    The Projects
    Well never made a project thread so thought id get started now its getting interesting :laugh: my cooper was just a poverty spec with no air con, no traction control and had no chilli pack but just loved the the look, since owning it its been all about looks as there wasnt much point in...
  2. weight of some R53 bits - just for info

    MINI Chat
    Have stripped out my car over the months and today weighed a few bits . Battery - 13.64kg Roof Glass inc seals, motor, inside panel - 25kg Battery cable - larger of the two red ones - 2.3kg Chrome petrol cap and emergency release pull - 0.68kg Battery box and heatshield underneath - 4.55kg...
  3. What's your average MPG?

    R56 General
    I'd heard rumours of 40+ MPG. Last three tanks I've only managed between 32 and 34 (not including the 9.9 I got round Bedford :laugh:). I've not been caning it everywhere either - this has included at least 150 miles of motorway. Anyone noticed a difference with the sport button on or off? I...
  4. Buddy

    The Projects
    just thought i would post this up. I am currently working on some exterior modding, and have some new wheels on the way. but ill post this for now. my mods list Handling: Bilstein PSS9's (-2.3) Skunk 2 front springs I.E. race camber plates I.E. rear control arms (-1.7) M7 strut bar Alta...
  5. My Mini Coop

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    A few pics of my Mini