1. GRS Top Mount Intercooler - Motorsport Version

    MINI Parts For Sale
    GRS Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) - Motorsport Version. - £300 (GRS Motorsport : Quality Aluminium Products) Inspected and refurbished by Graham at GRS last year. The main intercooler is in good condition, with the securing tabs in place. There is minor denting to the cooling fins, but...
  2. GP intercooler

    MINI Chat
    Whats an r53 GP intercooler worth these days and where could I get one??:confused1:
  3. Looking to build a bullet

    The Projects
    Hi, Im pretty new to this mini cooper s world and forums if im being honest so apologies in advance if im after making a total mess of this. I have no real experience in them either but so far since i bought the car i cant see myself driving anything else for at least another 10 years. Anyway...
  4. R53 Airtec Top Mount Intercooler in Stealth Black for Sale NEARLY NEW

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi all I currently have an Airtec Top mount intercooler in Stealth black (no logos) in nearly new condition that I'm selling for my friend. The intercooler has had only a month of use and is in great condition. Slight wear on the rubber but it is expected. The intercooler comes with blue...
  5. R53 Airtec or GP Intercooler

    MINI Parts Wanted
    After taking my car to Rockingham raceway on Sunday I found my R53 is built too much for the street and needs an intercooler desperately for it to work to it's full potential reliably. Therefore I'm looking for an Airtec or GP top mount intercooler to replace my miserable stock intercooler...
  6. R56 Evolve FMIC - Whats it worth?

    MINI Chat
    Hi all, forgive me if i'm posting in the wrong section, currently putting my FJCW back to factory spec, haven't a clue what to price my intercooler at though as you rarely see them in the classifieds/'bay. Its an alloy finish Evolve FMIC I bought in March/April this year and has probably done...
  7. Black intercoolers myth busted, very interesting

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    Will painting your intercooler black make you go faster? WATCH :) Mighty car mods. Black Intercoolers Mythbusted - YouTube These guys are awesome a must youtube follow.
  8. R56 FMIC Gallery

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Please post all links to yours or other after market FMICs for the R56. They can be for the one, cooper, cooper S or JCW. Data MUST be provided so that we can create a section for people to easily understand what is on offer and what gains are to be had from them. I will be updating this first...
  9. Wagner Tuning Cooper S R56 Intercooler (facelift version)

    Trader Announcements
    I would like to introduce our facelift R56 Cooper S Intercooler. High-performance network with turbulators in a stepped design Size 550x110x90 / 550x210x50, 8.745cm ³ volume (Std 540x65x85mm, 2.984cm ³ volume) Cast aluminum CAD / FEA optimized air tanks Intercooler uses the...
  10. Mini Cooper S Alta Intercooler Coupler Kit - All Colours Available

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  11. evolve FMIC for R56 MCS - group buy

    MINI Group Buys
    Hi Following on from the thread about our intercooler here I am pleased to offer a group buy on it. RRP will be £549 inc VAT. For 5 buyers or more the price will be £438 inc VAT. For 10 buyers or more the price will be £399 inc VAT. Black Powder Coat option will be £35 inc VAT...
  12. 2011 Rolling Road League Table

    Dyno Figures
    Welcome to the 2011 Mini Torque Rolling Road League Table. This thread has been created to find out what sort of power, both at the wheels and at the fly, is being made by Mini Torque members in 2011. To be added to the table please post up a copy of your dyno graph as an attachment to your...
  13. Loz's Well Trimmed Blue Minge

    The Projects
    Here we go then, first a bit about me. I started working at BMW MINI Stephen James Enfield in 2003 when I was 16, got to BMW tech status then was made redundant in April 2009, since then I've moved onto better things. I now work at a trimmers called Btrim in Enfield, much prefer the work, much...
  14. Ballsac Blue Curbcrawler Waffle Toilet

    The Projects
    Hi all thought might as well start project thread as got bit carried away buying things for the car. So bought the car about a month ago with below mods on it: 15% Alta reduced pulley and belt JCW catback Kw Variant 1 Jcw aero kit M7 Induction kit pics of the car when i got it...
  15. ARC

    Engine & Drivetrain
    ARC Products for R53 MINI Cooper S ARC Intercooler The ARC intercooler is a direct replacement for the stock factory unit & makes a claimed 10bhp over the stock Cooper S intercooler, it also comes with an air plate diverter to allow smoother airflow into the intercooler from the scoop opening...
  16. Hobo Internet Bargain Basement

    MINI Parts For Sale
    Please use this thread for all bargains you spot on Pistonheads that MT members might find useful. ET37 decent price. Parts & Accessories : 17" OZ superleggera's
  17. Gtt intercooler

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    Hi guys, is the Gtt intercooler any good? How does it compare to a grs or gp intercooler? Thanks dan
  18. The Best MINI's - <3 MINI's

    MINI Photobooth
    I've created this thread so we can gain inspiration from the best looking MINI's accross the world. So if you think a particular MINI deserves to be showcased, then stick up the pics here. The rules... Post pics of your favourite MINI's from all over the world NO chat allowed only pics, chat...
  19. Operation: Vacuum Gain System (VGS) - Thoughts?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    This mod was developed by Andy from Details to follow: The brass vacuum nipple on the downstream side of the BPV is definitely the hardest part to get to. For easiest VGS installation, I'd recommend the following procedure: ALPHA METHOD 1) Disconnect the short rubber...
  20. P0107 and ASC light on

    Faults & Fixes
    Hello, Just drove off very slowly from my parents and got a P0107 code (MAP/BARO) circuit low input. Why the hell is my ASC light on too? I presume this is the map sensor but is there anything else that it could be, I change the intercooler yesterday but have driven 50 miles, its all sealed...