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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of pushing a bit but since I'm kinda new on this field I want, if possible, your input in some questions. Intercooler - Airtec V2 or Wagner Competition? Which one and why? Intake - I was thinking about ITG/K&N filter but many of you use a full KIT from AEM (CAI)...
  2. R53 General
    So Ive been getting a lot of hate for my Alta intake….by no means do I love the Alta and would be willing to swap for say a Dave F. But so far no ones given me any reason why i should do so. Ive taken a good look at it and also spoken to my tuner about it and neither of us can see any issues...
  3. MiniTorque Threads
    Orranje Stealth Box Has anyone got an Orranje Stealth Box for sale?
  4. MiniTorque Threads
    2003 Mini Cooper S R53 122.000 miles I bought a neglected mini and the first thing I did? I installed a 15% pulley. This accelerated the deterioration process. 1. A few months ago I was driving on the motorway and BOOM my mini sounds like a tractor. ...After reconditioning the supercharger...
  5. R56 Tried and Tested
    When DNA Filters joined the forum, I was very excited about their new intake system for the R56. It appeared to be ideal for people looking for the perfect setup for their R56. It is clear to see that a lot of time and effort had gone into this system with re-locating it to optimal location to...
  6. Trader Announcements
    Dear Friends, We proudly announce the official release of the DNA High Performance Stage-3 Intake Kit AK-R56MK3-S3 specially designed for the “Mini S R56” (NON MAF VERSION). More specifically: - R56 S 07’-10’ - R57 S Convertible 09’-10’ - R55 S Clubman 07’-10’ This new Bolt On High Performance...
1-6 of 115 Results