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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Hi all, I’ve just finished installing the 380cc JCW 210 injectors on my completely standard Cooper S 170. I read that they would run rich but be okay to run around on before I got my tune sorted. The car has a bit of a misfire and is far less responsive on the throttle with both the check...
  2. Tuning Discussion
    I have an R53 JCS - 2003, with uprated intercooler, Itg air filter, Denso irridium ik22 plugs, Kavs 17% reduced pulley and Bluefin stage 2 map. I am looking at fitting some 380cc JCW injectors, currently has stock JCS 340cc injectors fitted, will these be ok without any other sort of map.
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    R53 Cam & Injector & Tune Combos I've noticed there's a lot "Don't do this, you have to do it this way" etc on here. But there's not a lot of supporting evidence. So, don't confuse this with an advice thread, keep your opinions to yourself. I want to know what people have slapped onto...
  4. MiniTorque Threads
    Hey people, Looking for remap advice. Have 2002 mcs. Recently had 17% pulley, airtech inter cooler and orange stealth intake. Car already has a more free flowing (I think cat back) exhaust system I want a remap just to get the most of the mods and get it running smoothly. Will I need...
  5. MINI Parts For Sale
    I have brand new Bosch 550 injectors with adapters, with just a couple of test runs (not more then 10 miles) I would like to swap them with a set of 380cc jcw r53 factory injectors. If interested, please pm me and we will arrange the deal: each part will take care of is own despatch cost.
  6. Engine & Drivetrain
    G'day guys, I've had my 04 MCS since feb 12 and browsed Mini2 for help since then but now I need clarification for my proposed set up. Currently I have installed: 15% Pulley, ALTA CAI, Milltek cat-back and OBX ignition coil plus leads. My plan VERY soon is to fit: GRS motorsport version IC...
  7. MINI Parts Wanted
    I'm after a set of JCW 380cc injectors, not after anything bigger as i plan on using the stock JCW map. I saw a set go for £50 on here this week, i'd pay a bit more than that
1-7 of 216 Results