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  1. Faults & Fixes
    Hi All, Recently bought a 56 plate R53 Cooper S, loving the car so far but the xenon dipped beam is completely useless! They work (light up) and when first switched on they do their little auto levelling dance, but seems to be they are pointed too low? They seem to light up the ground around 6...
  2. Exterior
    Hi all, im new here, i have myself a beautiful little r53 that has rightfully been named Diabla by popular demand on a mini page that posted my car on instagram It's a pre-facelift xenon 03 plate but i recently got a steal on some 08 plate r52 xenon facelift lights and plan to joey mod them...
  3. Exterior
    Just need to know if the pre facelift headlights fit facelift cars. I have a 2005 (facelift) R50 and have come across some of the eBay xenon copies second hand for peanuts and decided to give them a go. They've been fitted to a pre facelift car, so I need to know if they'll fit mine. Thanks...
1-3 of 105 Results