1. New to Mini Torque?
    Hello, Mike here and new to the group. I drive an 2007 Lightening Blue R56, 6spd. We love "Half-Pint" but she's been in stages of repair for the last year. Bent exhaust valves and the associated repairs that go along with it. Second guessing myself since this is my 2nd time repairing the same...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    Has anyone had any experience with a Kavs head? His heads are cnc'ed and he claims he's made 280-300bhp with them. Kavs seems like a great guy and his products are top notch, but I havent found any feedback whatsoever on his heads….anyone? Cheers, Matt
  3. MINI Parts For Sale
    Thumper Performance W11 - R53 Performance Modified Connecting rods Rods are mag'd - ARP rod bolts installed - I-Beams polished : 265.00 GBP (23.00 GBP Ship) W11 - R53 Connecting rod Bearings King Bearing- 105.00 GBP (17.00 GBP shipping) W11 - R53 Main Bearings King Bearings w/Thrust...
  4. R53 General
    Lads, 2 questions 1) I've got a 1320 catcam (the 469 version) and 550 injectors waiting to be fitted. Does anyone know if i can get these fitted at my mechanic and then drive the car to my tuner to get the custom map done (15 mins away)? Will the car be driveable? Or will it keep stalling...
  5. The Projects
    The following attachment is a 4-page pdf diary or log of what I've done to my R56. it's still a work in progress, but most of the planned upgrades are installed. I'll update it as milestones are reached. Hope it's useful to other newbies.
  6. Engine & Drivetrain
    Quick questions, anyonw know the pitch of the cylinder head bolts and the length of the cam sproket bolt? Cheers, Michael
  7. MINI Chat
    Bit of a waffle from me but I need to tell the whole story so you get the picture . :lol: As some of you know I changed my water pump form the mechanical one driven by the small gears off the supercharger to a Davies Craig EWP80 and was happy at first Now at Cadwell Park in July 2010 I had an...
  8. Engine & Drivetrain
    hi,I'm italian ..what do you think about lohen performance head with schrick enlarged exhaust & inlet valve ?I want to know how much hp this lohen head increases rather than jcw head,and which is the different performance between rmw jesus head and lohen step2 head ?
  9. R56 General
    Not that I was looking but stumbled accross this: MINI Cherished - MINI details Yes its stock spec with wheel gap and OEM rims but... I think that looks pretty mean !! :thumbup: Make it lower, take it for a remap and I would be happy rocking it... not too bad a price and spec really...
  10. MINI Parts For Sale
    Please use this thread for all bargains you spot on Pistonheads that MT members might find useful. ET37 decent price. Parts & Accessories : 17" OZ superleggera's
  11. The Projects
    Well as my first modified cylinder head is on my engine already, and I didn't take any pictures, I thought I best take pictures of my second cylinder head before and through my process of modification to installation, so here are a few photo's in it's stock form as I received it. Exhaust...
  12. Dyno Figures
    Welcome to the Mini Torque Rolling Road League Table. This thread was started to find out what sort of power is being made by Mini Torque members. To be added to the table please post up a copy of your dyno graph as an attachment to your post and the following details: Model Peak BHP...