1. R56 genuine black bi-xenon headlights with bulbs and ballasts (mfr'd 2013)

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    31/10/14 - NOW SOLD and awaiting pickup - thanks for your interest! 2013 manufactured genuine R56 black bi-xenons including xenon bulbs, silvervision indicators, and ballasts. Compatible with any R56 car with factory xenons (LCI or pre-LCI) as the ballasts are included. All mounts intact (one...
  2. When health and safety videos go bad...

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  3. R56 Challenge Parts (Replica)

    MINI Parts For Sale
    These aren't mine, I've just spotted them on ebay and thought I'd post: R56 Challenge Spoiler - BMW MINI COOPER S R56 CHALLENGE ROOF SPOILER on eBay (end time 17-Jan-10 10:10:51 GMT) R56 Challenge Body Kit - BMW MINI COOPER S R56 CHALLENGE STYLE BODY KIT on eBay (end time 04-Jan-10 13:26:20...