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  1. MINI Parts For Sale
    Selling the OEM seats from my 2006 R53 Mini Cooper S. These are the full leather seats, which appear to be harder to find on online marketplaces. The passenger seat is in great condition, the driver's seat is in good condition. Please note: The driver's seat rachet (heigh adjustment) is...
    £100 GBP
  2. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Ive read a lot of threads about fixed camber plates and adjustable top mounts, Buts is there no way of winding a bit of camber on the front without these? Even just -1.5/-2 degrees? Never had a car before where SOME front camber adjustment isnt possible, cant find anything about it anywhere..
  3. The Projects
    Well, after some thinking and a few mods I've started modifying my '06 JCW R53. Big mods started some weeks ago when I ordered the 4-2-1 with 100 cells cat to Mini Motorsport UK. I also got the 225hp remap soon to fit a camshaft. Hope to get after that around 235-240hp. Dry battery's been...
1-3 of 500 Results