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  1. The Projects
    Recently purchased my first Mini; a 2010 Clubman JCW. Bought from a friend who didn't realise it had engine issues but he's helping to sort it (ridiculously good of him) so the car is currently with Gareth @ GS R53 Mini who is fortunately only 20 minutes away from me. It's been running...
  2. Tuning Discussion
    So I have just bought my 3rd r56 cooper S and this time i want to modify it. i have been offered a T25 tubular manifold and a big old turbo, What power is the standard engine safe to? Any insights at all is super appreciated.
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    So come across these forged rods for the N14 engine and from the UK distributor they are £331 (including VAT), FOR A SET OF 4!!!! Mini Cooper : Peugeot Rally 207 & Mini Cooper R53 . R-PEU-002H The company is called ZRP (Zebo Racing Parts) and the manufacturing base seems to be in China which...
1-3 of 10 Results