1. Fitting issues on Evolve IC on 2008 FJCW

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi all Recently bought a Evolve V2 IC for my 2008 FJCW, it was secondhand having spent 3000 miles on a WC50 JCW year unknown. Well last Saturday it was time to fit:thumbup: and enjoy the added performance but sadly it just wouldn't align correctly. I came across 2 main issues: 1) The ic...
  2. R56 Evolve FMIC - Whats it worth?

    MINI Chat
    Hi all, forgive me if i'm posting in the wrong section, currently putting my FJCW back to factory spec, haven't a clue what to price my intercooler at though as you rarely see them in the classifieds/'bay. Its an alloy finish Evolve FMIC I bought in March/April this year and has probably done...
  3. Wagner Pre-Facelift R56 FMIC - Testing/Review

    R56 Tried and Tested
    I was lucky enough to be sent Wagner Tuning's new FMIC for the Pre-Facelift R56 Cooper S. In agreement of receiving the FMIC, I organised a days testing at 1320 to see how this performed against the stock FMIC and how it performed with a Map on it. Here are some pics: Wagner FMIC (black)...
  4. R56 FMIC Gallery

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Please post all links to yours or other after market FMICs for the R56. They can be for the one, cooper, cooper S or JCW. Data MUST be provided so that we can create a section for people to easily understand what is on offer and what gains are to be had from them. I will be updating this first...
  5. Project Mini:RMR - Rotrex Mini (goal of 500+ bhp again)

    The Projects
    Well I think I'm at a point now where I can just about justify a project thread. I never ever anticipated to get into what I have, but hey ho :) I bought my JCW R53 not long ago (having had a MCS before) as a promotional car for my photography business. However, it became quickly apparent that...
  6. A new FMIC

    Engine & Drivetrain
    A few shots of my FMIC, against a competitors.
  7. What mods have you done this week?

    MINI Chat
    So what mods have you done in the last week? Thought it time someone started one of these, so tell everyone what you have been doing to your MINI this week. Anything counts, little or large. Myself, I just finished fitting an auto-dimming mirror to my 03 MCS. It originally came from a cab, so...