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  1. R56 General
    FJCW Exhaust for sale 190£ Evolve Downpipe for Sale 110£ Exhaust had done 8,000 miles Downpipe 400 miles. Enjoy! Items for collection from London only.
  2. The Projects
    Hi all, Picked up my 2009, FJCW last week after a 440mile round trip and pleased to say I'm loving it! Chopped in my 1 series coupe and haven't looked back so far. Takes me back to when I had a Clio 197, such a fun nippy car and nice for it not to be NA. Got a couple of slow and steady plans...
  3. MINI For Sale
    Thread now closed. Admins please delete if necessary.
  4. MINI Chat
    Saved up the pennies, and I'm going to see the evolve guys, i've only heard good things about them, and the dude Imran is a top bloke. Will get some videos of timings / accelerations for before and after, im shit at editing videos though, but they'll be on youtube within the near future, keep...
1-4 of 8 Results