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  1. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Has anyone fit 17x8j wheels with 225/45 tires? What offset were the wheels and does a BBK fit under them? I'm looking at getting Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 17x8j with 225/45 tires and a yellow speed racing 4 pot BBK with 330mmx28mm rotors.
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi all Recently bought a Evolve V2 IC for my 2008 FJCW, it was secondhand having spent 3000 miles on a WC50 JCW year unknown. Well last Saturday it was time to fit:thumbup: and enjoy the added performance but sadly it just wouldn't align correctly. I came across 2 main issues: 1) The ic...
  3. Suspension, Wheels & Brakes
    Will 16" 8j et20 fit mini r50 2005? Lool I know it will be out the arch a bit ? Show wheel alignment pictures of different et's if possible
  4. R56 General
    Looks like the boys & girls in Europe have started already lol :thumbup1: Also for the wheel whores amongst us the sizes! 5x120 center bore 72.6mm stock wheel sizes: 6.5x16 ET 46 with 205/60R16 7x17 ET50 with 205/55R17 7.5x18 ET52 with 225/45R18 7.5x19 ET52 with 225/40R19 :thumbup1:
1-4 of 39 Results