1. Milltek facelift hangers wanted

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Does anyone have the facelift milltek hangers either for sale or trade with the pre facelift ones?
  2. Is it worth the extra money for a facelift R53?

    R53 General
    Simples. Pros & cons of both please. P.S. This is cool as fuck :beatdeadhorse5:
  3. Pre facelift / facelift headlights fitting - QUICK QUESTION

    Just need to know if the pre facelift headlights fit facelift cars. I have a 2005 (facelift) R50 and have come across some of the eBay xenon copies second hand for peanuts and decided to give them a go. They've been fitted to a pre facelift car, so I need to know if they'll fit mine. Thanks...
  4. Facelift R53 Single CD Head Unit - will it accept multichanger?

    One of the cars I am looking at (as far as I know) has a Boost cassette head unit like this : The car has a CD changer in the boot too. Any ideas of the single CD head unit can accept the multichanger input too if I were to swap out the cassette head unit to a single cd one? This is a...
  5. Possible new MCS Owner, advice wanted?

    MINI For Sale
    Posted this on 'another forum' but not had massive response, so thought might try here too as seems a more popular site... Due to a change in circumstances I am considering buying a Mini Cooper S. I've been to see a lovely 2002 model, all the kit I want, decent colour, great condition etc etc...
  6. Retrofitting OEM facelift xenon headlights to a '03 car?

    Hi guys, I want to put on the OEM xenon headlights from the facelift R53 onto my car. I saw the retrofit instructions from the dealer and it seems quite a process. Can't I just buy the headlights from the dealer and plug it in without all these harnesses and sensors they mention in that document?