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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    Does anyone have the facelift milltek hangers either for sale or trade with the pre facelift ones?
  2. R53 General
    Simples. Pros & cons of both please. P.S. This is cool as fuck :beatdeadhorse5:
  3. Exterior
    Just need to know if the pre facelift headlights fit facelift cars. I have a 2005 (facelift) R50 and have come across some of the eBay xenon copies second hand for peanuts and decided to give them a go. They've been fitted to a pre facelift car, so I need to know if they'll fit mine. Thanks...
  4. Interior
    One of the cars I am looking at (as far as I know) has a Boost cassette head unit like this : The car has a CD changer in the boot too. Any ideas of the single CD head unit can accept the multichanger input too if I were to swap out the cassette head unit to a single cd one? This is a...
  5. MINI For Sale
    Posted this on 'another forum' but not had massive response, so thought might try here too as seems a more popular site... Due to a change in circumstances I am considering buying a Mini Cooper S. I've been to see a lovely 2002 model, all the kit I want, decent colour, great condition etc etc...
1-5 of 169 Results