1. 03 MCS vs. EP3 Civic Type R Anniversary

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    This is very odd, My car has a 17% KMT, GP intercooler, DaveF airbox and NGK's. Before the I/C, DaveF, the car made just shy of 190 WHP. My mate has a Civic Type R Anniversary, standard bar a Magnex cat back, and if we are both next to each other, gun it on the fourth beep the cars are...
  2. weight of some R53 bits - just for info

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    Have stripped out my car over the months and today weighed a few bits . Battery - 13.64kg Roof Glass inc seals, motor, inside panel - 25kg Battery cable - larger of the two red ones - 2.3kg Chrome petrol cap and emergency release pull - 0.68kg Battery box and heatshield underneath - 4.55kg...