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  1. R53 General
    Greetings MINI owners I own a 100% stock, 1st gen, 2004 (pre-facelift), R53 MINI (No Teflon on the super charger screw, hence 163HP) I just ordered a pulley with a 15% reduction from Craven Speed and want to know what the draw backs are from swapping the OEM pulley for the smaller 15% reduction...
  2. R56 General
    When deciding to tuning the ECU of the mini, what should one keep in mind in order to select the best ECU tuning house? For example, for me, its a plus to be able to toggle between the stock and the tuning maps that have been programmed in the mini. What else should i be looking for?
  3. R53 General
    Possibly controversial topic here but please spare me the insults for possibly asking a noob question… What are the differences between the above ecu set-ups? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What needs do they serve? Ive only heard about the bytetronik and vipec so far so some...
  4. MiniTorque Threads
    2003 Mini Cooper S R53 122.000 miles I bought a neglected mini and the first thing I did? I installed a 15% pulley. This accelerated the deterioration process. 1. A few months ago I was driving on the motorway and BOOM my mini sounds like a tractor. ...After reconditioning the supercharger...
  5. Trader Announcements
    Hi Guys and Girls, Just to make you aware Lohen will be releasing details of our in-house mapping, with information on the many extras we have improved on the standard ECU's for R53 Cooper S's. Information will be detailed in this thread on 28th March, 2013. Thanks for your patience - details...
  6. Engine & Drivetrain
    There has been a lot of talk about switchable remaps for the R56 MCS and the possibility of us tuning cars that are unable to visit us - due to distance. We now have a solution. The evolve-R. This remote cable is one that you (the end user) keeps and can flash in files using your laptop...
1-6 of 126 Results