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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of pushing a bit but since I'm kinda new on this field I want, if possible, your input in some questions. Intercooler - Airtec V2 or Wagner Competition? Which one and why? Intake - I was thinking about ITG/K&N filter but many of you use a full KIT from AEM (CAI)...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    First time poster here! Picking my GP2 up at the end of the week, looking to have some parts in the garage ready to go on. Looking to get a decat but only the Miltek one on Lohen has an option for GP2, do the r56 cooper s, JCW and GP2 all share the same And if so does that mean the likes of...
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi im looking at changing my downpipe on my r56 cooper s 2007. i only use it for road use so dont want something major loud. so de cat is out of the question. ive got a miltek cat back exhaust which is deep and has a nice burble, but want it to pop and crackle more which im guessing changing...
  4. R56 General
    Anyone runing Milltek DP on their JCW? I got one for a nice price, anyone tried it? Results? Also i might get hold of a stock JCW downpipe, thinking of buying it to try out a decat on it? Any suggestions/ideas? Thinking of doing a P-torque remap later on :)
  5. The Projects
    The Rise and Fall of TDLC's Midnight Black JCW Hi folks, After having owned my Chilli Red Cooper S JCW Stage 1 for 18 months, I decided it was time for a change. I took the plunge and got myself a Midnight Black JCW :D I'm so chuffed with this machine. The power delivery is staggering. The...
1-5 of 22 Results