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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    Greetings, I've got a Milltek non-res cat-back. It's definitely an upgrade from stock, but I'm not really satisfied. It's loud externally, but quiet inside the cabin. Also quite high pitched. I'm not fussed about the external sound and I'm not fussed about pops. My priorities are: 1) Low...
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
    First time poster here! Picking my GP2 up at the end of the week, looking to have some parts in the garage ready to go on. Looking to get a decat but only the Miltek one on Lohen has an option for GP2, do the r56 cooper s, JCW and GP2 all share the same And if so does that mean the likes of...
  3. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi Guys, I have a JCW R53, it has a 4-1 Janspeed Manifold and Decat on the JCW exhaust with the silencer removed, after having it all on for maybe 3-4 week its quietened down a lot, was just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why? Thanks
  4. New to Mini Torque?
    Hello, I'm Ben from Guernsey as the title says, I have a R53 210 JCW. It has all the JCW upgrades as far as i can tell including the awesome leather JCW bucket seats. So far all I've done is ITG Profilter, decat and i have plasti dipped the headlight surrounds. Have carbon door handles on...
  5. MINI Parts For Sale
    Hi, FS: Brand New KWV3s for an R56. I've chosen to sell my JCW, and bought these just before I decided to sell. So thankfully I never fitted them which means someone can enjoy them new. £1250. Also selling two pairs of Alta drop links. These are used, and have had c.3K miles on them. £125...
  6. MINI Chat
    Few updates on my MCS.. Before: Decat AEM CAI 207BHP - 222lb-Ft Torque with a missfire and a busted thermostat.. Now: Decat AEM CAI Full unresonated Challenge exhaust system Stage 1+ Remap from eTune Not had it dyno'd yet so don't know the figures! Here's some videos: Mini Cooper a with...
  7. MINI Chat
    Due to my local garages lack of experience at fitting a decat, they positioned the clamp bolt from the downpipe to the decat vertically leaving it exposed to all the speed bumps. Sadly I made love with one and it caught the bolt and bent it and I think it has cracked part of my downpipe, 3120...
  8. Faults & Fixes
    De-catted my R56 MCS on Thursday night, used a sensor boss (long length) to leave the sensor out of the cat abit as I've read from other peoples experience but my EML came on after 75 miles!:mads: Then stayed on for another 20 odd miles. Last night it didn't come back on when I started her up...
  9. R53 General
    Hey all. Got the resonator delete done on my Works today and can highly recommend it! The over pop is more noticeable and frequent, def something I'm loving and thought I would share. Nick,,
1-9 of 116 Results